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Porridge T!ts

Yes - I saw the Cometti gaffe too. I wonder if they will have to print a retraction or apology.

However I think the music before the AFL deserves to be applauded - particularly compared to the uninspiring efforts of the NRL grand final the next day.

Tony Tea

One thing is for sure, this year's music was better than last year's music, but last year's music was funnier.

Professor Rosseforp

Having Tim Rogers and Paul Kelly singing -- if they added Nick Cave, this would be a certain trifecta to kill the game outside of Victoria.


You really have to credit the people at News Ltd for Fox News, especially the show Fox and Friends First, which has quite remarkable on air talent, adorned in low dresses and perched on high stools with a low camera angle.

Tony Tea

Tim Rogers has been fronting a "this is greatness" (grateness, more like) campaign here, thus killing the game IN Victoria.

More than once the ads have prompted me to ask whether the AFL feel they are getting bang from their bucks for the saturation advertising. I mean, how many Victorians need to be told there is a footy finals series going on here in Victoria?

Professor Rosseforp

It's amazing that Tim Rogers has mad a living out of a vague resemblance to Peter Townshend, combined with a vagueley Kinks haircut.
Perhaps next year they could get Tim from the Whitlams to tell Sydneysiders about rugby league, and it could kill the game.

Tony Tea

Two Tones to Two Tims. Can't cop either.

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