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Tony Tea

All good then:

Free agency an early success: Demetriou

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says the first week of free agency has shown increased player movement will be good for the game, and that fans and clubs are ready for it.

Although I don't see anywhere quoted in the article that the fans are ready for it.

Professor Rosseforp

I went out of the office for lunch during the week (in Sydney) and was surprised to hear a commotion near the Town Hall -- turned out it was a victory parade for the Sydney Swans. I must admit I was shocked to see the number of people in attendance, and to see their enthusiasm -- maybe people from NSW DO enjoy the game.
Certainly a better activity than the defeated Bulldogs league team, who seemed to sit around in dressup suits, having a ciggie and occasionally calling out incoherent remarks to journos. They would have done better to pop into a local children's hospital for a photo op, or just gone home after the defeat.

Tony Tea

Dogs and Dildogs.

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