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Big Ramifications

Walking around an itinerant camp on the outskirts of the Alice, attacking Aborigines with a farking sword.

And Cameron Schwab's all "Awwwww, complex emotional issues. Awwwww, lay off. He's an Aborigine awwwww." Australia is such a racist country. Imagine if Fev got caught attacking Aborigines with a sword.



They would have all been better off being removed to safety by the government.


Liam Jurrah: "Footy is more important than anything. For me, family comes first." English is LJ's third language (in case you had not heard.)

Big Ramifications

How did MFC not see this coming? There were press releases BEFORE the incident where MFC knew where he was going and why and gave him full blessing. I've known a few religious types who have worked on Aboriginal missions. It's extremely tribal. Some of the stories. A ute-full of lads with spears arriving at the neighbouring mission to have words? Pfft. That what they call Monday.

In Perth it's described in the sports media as *nudge nudge* feuding. Common enough to have its own special word.

So, in summary, MFC said "Off you go to your tribal funeral due to a tragic young death that may have involved another family. Off you trot. Have a nice pissy weekend out in the middle of the farking desert. See ya for training on Tuesday!"

Either Cameron Schwab and his administrator buddies had their noses too firmly into the free buffet to give a sh!t, or it's politically incorrect to categorise such a risk. A white person going home to Perth for a funeral is exactly the same as a tribal aboriginal going home to the desert for a funeral it's exactly equal because we're all eeeeequal yaaaasaaaaay!

[I laughed at your first reply. Played my inflammatory comment with a straight bat.]

Big Ramifications

I wrote that before I clicked on your link.

Sports media using their SPECIAL WORD to describe Aboriginals fighting? Tick.

ps: The article says TWO YEARS of raging fighting. What the hell was MFC thinking?

Big Ramifications

One other thing I noticed in your link. He's severely injured someone with a cutlass, and everyone's talking as if he will get off pretty lightly. As if delisting or the MFC internal punishment is the only thing he's got to worry about.

Why aren't they asking "2 years or 5 years in the big house?"

Because they're racist, that's why. They know he'll get special treatment from the racist judiciary coz he's Aboriginal. Again I ask: "Fev attacking someone with a broadsword? Discuss."


To play your 2nd, 3rd and 4th replies with a straight cutlass, I don't know what Melbourne was up to. Presumably they figured they had a handle on things when they said "Off you go to your tribal funeral due to a tragic young death that may have involved another family. Off you trot. Have a nice pissy weekend out in the middle of the farking desert. See ya for training on Tuesday!" For the record: he was back at training Tuesday.

Big Ramifications

As a footy fan, I wish this whole thing had never happened. I'm just yelling at clouds up there.

In Liam's culture, assaulting people accused of a crime with pointy objects is no biggie, I'm pretty sure it's their tribal law. He's not just flying an Aboriginal flag of convenience. But ya can't have it both ways.

Or if ya can have it both ways, then could you gutless pollies enact it in Federal law rather than it be a popularity contest where the occasional NT magistrate ignores the law makes a landmark ruling regarding a tribal punishment, and the chattering classes all go "yaaaaaaaaay!!"


Exceptions make the money go round.

Big Ramifications

Exactly. Divide and conquer.

Big Ramifications

I'D HEARD the whispers before and, since Liam Jurrah's dramas of the past week, the whispers have grown louder - AFL clubs are starting to back away from recruiting indigenous players.

They're ''too hard'', it is said, ''too much trouble''. Recruiters are paid to deliver premierships, not racial harmony, the argument runs. Sponsors don't want their names associated with players breaking the law or offending community values.

From recent WCE memory, you had Chris Lewis and Ashley Sampi [who had various walkabout issues, with Sampi being delisted way before his time] and David Wirrpanda [an absolute "ornament to the game" who was probably the most tribal of the three].

Big Ramifications

Right on cue:

Completely stupid AFL chief: slams footy race claim

The AFL boss said every player had problems, regardless of background.

"[The player] might come from a well-to-do family, he might come from a family where he has literacy issues, he might be indigenous, he might not. All of our players have issues."

We're all eeeeequal! Yaaaaaaaay!
AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou has rejected claims made by a recruiter that clubs are unlikely to draft indigenous players unless they have at least one white parent.

He suggested the recruiter "start thinking about some other employment" and said he knew which club the person worked for.

What. The. Fark? Does he think he's part of the freaken Carlton Crew or something?

Let the politically correct witch hunt begin! Lives need to be ruined over such thoughts!!


Reading between the lines, Andrew is against background checks. Every club must be censured for interviewing and assessing players prior to the draft. For that matter, every employer must be censured for interviewing and assessing potential employees.


Matthew Rendell.

"Adelaide CEO Steven Trigg said while Rendell said the comments were taken out of context, he would have been sacked if he had not resigned."

Big Ramifications

How absolutely shattered must he be, eh?

His current career path has hit a huge brick wall. And not just any old career. A dream job. I bet he loved it. Totally hung out to dry, too. "No mediation sessions for you!"

Even when he does try and find a new career, he's still got that whole biz hanging over his head. I can't imagine how he's feeling right now.

Thanks, Liam.

Big Ramifications

Straight from the horse's mouth: "crying for the last 30 hours."

I note that toughguy scumbag Andrew Demetriou is furiously back pedalling, too. Not worth ruining a man's life over, eh chuckles? Woops.

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