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So what was he doing for us in the near 20 year gap between Stynes running over the mark and Bev O'Connor being vice-president? Other than bobbing up briefly to support Joe Gutnick and then never being seen again after that didn't go too well (http://www.footyticket.com.au/footy-ticket-articles/2001/5/31/hinch-set-to-stand-on-gutnick-ticket/)

I'm going to suggest that the toys were well and truly pinged out of the cot when Szondy won and that we'll hardly miss somebody who has given absolutely bugger all to the club for nearly a decade.


Hinchy is a lightweight Neil Mitchell. Or is Mitchell a lightweight Hinchy? I forget.

Ann O'Dyne

human headline, headcase, who cares.
a while back a friend said to me that JS was a gorgeous man and so lovely to come to the country for those charity kids.
I repeated this to another friend who works for DOCS and
she said "don't be silly, he was paid 8 grand for that turn-up".
perception. be on guard about it all.


8 grand is the going rate. I have a good story about that, but discretion gets the better of me.


Anthony from Chippendale also points out something I missed - it was 190 points:

Had a great time at Melbourne. Didn't see many winning games. Was at Waverley, and stayed to the end, when Fitzroy beat us by about 180 points.


Hinchy probably got abused by Johnny Cash, too. Not Pat.


The first time I saw my father cry.

Then we missed the bus back to Monash Uni, where we'd parked, and had to walk it. Considered throwing ourselves off the overpass on the way.


And another thing:

when I first came to live in Melbourne, I initially supported St Kilda. That was in 1978 and the Saints were the bottom-dwelling underdogs.

Molly Meldrum, then still known quite widely as Ian, took me to my first AFL match. St Kilda versus Essendon. It was one of the most brutal things I'd witnessed on a sporting field.

Mad Dog Muir and Ronnie Andrews went at it like heavyweight boxers. This was pre-blood rule. After seeing players being stretchered off, I asked Molly how the heck they fielded a team every week.

Robbie Muir and Ronnie Andrews played in neither of the St Kilda -v- Essendon games in 1978. Round 7, Round 18.

Nor were StKilda "bottom dwelling underdogs" - they finished 6th.


Peter, so I'm tipping you remembered it was at Waverley?


Unfortunately Tony... facts don't rate on talk-back raydjo.
And they don't sell papers either.

Re 'Aints/Bummers 'memories'...
Assume he arrived in 78 and didnt go to a game until '79...
Still no Andrews or Muir in Rnd 2 or Rnd 13

It might have been 1980, Rnd 4 at Moorabbin, as both played that day. And the 'Aints were crap (finished 11th).

Not defending the HH, but the quote isn't specific about when he went to the game.

Oh... as everyone knows, your credibility is shot once you change teams... its not the done thing!


Pretty sure he means 1978. The Saints & Bombers had a famously fractious match at Moorabbin that year:

Baby Bombers hit a brick wall named St Kilda

ESSENDON'S "Baby Bombers" hit a brick wall named St Kilda when they journeyed to Moorabbin in 1978.

Under new coach Mike Patterson the Saints were a strong and combative unit, and in a tight game they put the Dons through the mincer.

Merv Neagle was crunched in a clash with Garry Sidebottom, and in the second term Carl Ditterich crashed through a shepherd by Terry Cahill and flattened the Bomber rover.

When Simon Madden ran 50m to confront Ditterich, he was flattened by a straight arm.

Ditterich, Sidebottom and fellow ruckman Doug Booth were reported and the Ditterich-Cahill incident was made worse by the fact that Cahill swallowed his tongue and had to be revived on the field.

After the game Essendon president Colin Stubbs launched a scathing attack on the Saints. "They were animals, nothing short of it," he said.

For his part, Patterson put it succinctly: "Winners can laugh, losers can please themselves".

St Kilda threatened legal action against Stubbs and Essendon lodged a complaint against Ditterich.

Ditterich was cleared of striking Madden, Sidebottom was suspended for four weeks and Booth was also cleared.

A few days later Essendon withdrew the complaint against Ditterich in exchange for St Kilda halting legal action against Stubbs.


Change teams? Never!


Well ok, once. Twice, then.


As I understand it Seven will broadcast Friday night on two hour delay into Perth - can't upset the News & TT, don'tcha know - while Foxtel will broadcast live into Perth.

That will make for an interesting scenario vis-a-vis WA's famous scores embargo. Surely far too many people will watch the match live in pubs, while all the footy hard heads will watch on Foxtel, for the black-out to stick.

And with any luck Stokes K. will cop it in the hip pocket.

Big Ramifications

I note with mirth how all your fans are now too scared to comment about a memory without qualifying that it might, in fact, be a mis-memory. My good self included.

Thanks to you, I even doubt my vivid recollection of Steve Bradbury's gold in Atlanta in 2004.

Erm. Here's two minutes of Trevor Barker highlights for your viewing pleasure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt98ajCXcx4


I have a big blog, chock full of many and various posts and comments, but I have no memory of that.

Big Ramifications

Fantastic twitpic there, Tones.

Just over 20 years later and now look at 'em. Sad.


Jimmy is so very young.


I was working in Kalgoorlie then. Got rat faced on the Friday night, woke up with a crushing hangover, lay in bed Saturday groaning as Melbourne got smashed and Ben Johnson smashed Carl Lewis in Seoul.

Big Ramifications

Atta boy!

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