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This is smart:

"The possibility of having to pay $400 to $600 a year - less with compensation - as a result of a carbon tax would bring down the government, to judge from polls, but the idea of paying $720 to watch televised footy scarcely raises a plucked eyebrow."

Get ready, Australia. Rupert is primed to bend us over. Those who say it can only be good for the sport need to look at the grassroots development of football in Britain. Rubbish.

Professor Rosseforp

How long before we get 20/20 Aussie Rules?

Francis Xavier Holden

Is there anyway I could lobby for sport, mainly cricket and football, taken off ABC radio and transfered to pay radio?

Does this TV deal mean we won't have to put up with 50% of "News" broadcasts on TV being diverted to sport?


I'm in furious agreement with you, Franxie. There should be digital radio stations dedicated to footy and cricket.

via collins

Just churned through The Iliad meself, thanks for referencing Tone. Tough stuff after the silky smooth ease of The Odyssey. But jeebus, is there no end to the "bronze shattering skull plates", and "heaving breast plates". If that was a fillum, I'd have snored off a few times.

Youngest refers to it as "The Idiot". Or I s'pose she may be referencing me. You gots to have post-modern eyes and ears in the parenting game these days.

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