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Rob de Santos

Exactly right Tone. If it was more profitable to do it now they would already be cashing in. That said, like the NFL in the US, they may choose to cave to the AFL even if it costs more in rights than they gain in immediate revenue. The US networks pay it because of the benefit to their bottom line elsewhere (overall ratings gain = higher advert revenue, promo value, etc.)


Rob, I always grin, well, grimace when I watch Monday Night Football live from the USA, but realise I cannot was Friday Night Footy live from Melbourne.

Big Ramifications

I refuse to read this, but I caught the headline the other day and thought it relevant here. Is there a school of thought saying we should move match times and not move TV scheduling times?

That's how the headline reads to me. And it's always a safe bet there's an ulterior motive for Eddie. What's he really saying?


It's good fun imagining stuff and asking questions without reading the article.

I like to imagine.


Seven wants the game to start at 7:50 instead of 7:40 so they can squeeze in 10 minutes more of ads before a live start. Caroline Wilson thinks this will make it harder for kiddies who will get home 10 minutes later. Eddie thinks the fans (ironically Collingwood fans) will get 10 minutes more pissed. Neither hold much water (especially for pissed Pie fans) as far as I am concerned. I mean, 10 minutes? Come on. Eddie is probably riding a Nine agenda, too.

Big Ramifications

Awesome talking point, Big Tones. ;)

Eddie says [yes, I brought myself to read the article] the 10 minutes is the difference between kids being yelled at on the train by "dickheads" and a peaceful journey. Bullshit of the highest order, even by Eddie standards.


What's with Luke Darcy's shirt? Straight out of the cellophane QUICK TAKE PHOTO NO TIME TO IRON!!! And Rex See You Next Tuesday with his false smile. He still workin'?! He has absolutely zero media presence in the West.

Rex looks like he's lost a lot of weight. I'm implying something there.

"Well, fighting a bull's one thing but fighting bullshit's another
And around here you know the bullshit just never seems to die"
-Paul Kelly

Big Ramifications

Bah! Wrong thread. Sorry.

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