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In Brisbane the Friday night game starts at 11:30pm, after Better Homes & Gardens, a movie (usually a throwaway, since its up against live league), and a half-hour filler reality show. Personally I'd settle for any change that lets the broadcast here finish before midnight.


I'm not sure what is planned for the rugbied states. Presumably Seven would not want to go live against the NRL, which would be gruesome for Seven, but if they did, would please the handful of people up that way who are not obsessed with what Sterlo calls "footy".

Seven might be granted latitude there, though, since they get massacred and since Foxtel carry the AFL live on Main Event.


Seven would use 7Mate in Brisbane to show live footy. Theoretically.


I'm not sure why TV stations would care if you were listening to the radio while watching their telecast. You are still watching after all, the ratings remain the same.


Advertisers put pressure on the networks to make sure viewers listen to the ads.


They're wasting their time with that, I mute the ads as soon as they even look like appearing. They are mind-bogglingly awful in WA Country - sheep dips, sheds, steel, fast food - and remorselessly repetitive. I pride myself on eliminating the mindless bastards, every one another victory.

Professor Rosseforp

I wouldn't mind some ads for sheep dip and sheds. All I seem to get are irritating old pensioners rabbiting on about insurance companies that are really interested in their pointless stories about their old cars, etc. etc -- and also funeral plans that are so good, you might actually want to die to see if they really DO pay out without question.


"Roundup from Monsanto. For all your herbicide and glyphosate requirements."


7mate showed live footy the last two Friday nights.


They did?!? In Melbourne?

Big Ramifications

Awesome talking point, Big Tones. ;)

Eddie says [yes, I brought myself to read the article] the 10 minutes is the difference between kids being yelled at on the train by "dickheads" and a peaceful journey. Bullshit of the highest order, even by Eddie standards.


What's with Luke Darcy's shirt? Straight out of the cellophane QUICK TAKE PHOTO NO TIME TO IRON!!! And Rex See You Next Tuesday with his false smile. He still workin'?! He has absolutely zero media presence in the West [well, the media I consume].

Rex looks like he's lost a lot of weight. I'm implying something there.

"Well, fighting a bull's one thing but fighting bullshit's another
And around here you know the bullshit just never seems to die"
-Paul Kelly

Big Ramifications

Jesus I've got a terrible memory. I misremembered Eddie as saying "dickheads" instead of "idiots." Apologies, Eddie.

Hey while I've got you, I heard possibly the greatest malapropism ever yesterday. Liam Pickering, Dockers vee Geelong.

"another chink on the rung"

I have climbed the mountain, and I have SEEN the promised land!

In the context of his sentence, I *think* he was trying to say "another feather in his cap" or "another notch on his bed head" etc. But he's ballsed it up on about three levels. Bonus points for accidental racism.

Professor Rosseforp

I've heard of chinks in the armour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHOrHEDPYIM
but I can't think of any appropriate sayings that includes rungs, ladders, etc. But it's well worth including in a conversation to see if anyone queries it.
Armour chinks in pointless sayings are probably not as racist as greasy poles.

Big Ramifications

Yeah, Prof.

It was definitely "chink in the armour" - which is what I was saying by ballsing it up on so many levels. Chink in the armour is a bad thing, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I think he meant. That's what made it speeeeeecial.

Nearly all malapropisms are a mix of sayings with similar meanings. eg. Ben Allan's "another arrow in his bow."

I guess the rung reference was something about climbing a ladder. Duh.


Patience is a virgin.

Professor Rosseforp

"another arrow in his bow" -- wrong, unless he was a Green Arrow fan, like myself. Although I don't like the modern renderings of the character.

Big Ramifications

"another arrow in his bow" -- wrong

Got our wires crossed I think[???]. Yes it's wrong, it was an example of one of the hundreds of malapropisms I've heard muttered by sportsmen and commentators. Arrow in his quiver, string to his bow.

Particularly nasty weather, Professor. What, with a feather? Wang dang.

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