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By the way. James Hird was ordinary On The Couch.


Hird is obviously a likeable bloke with a lot of knowledge, but I got the feeling that half the reason they got him on OTC was to grill him about Essendon. And due to political concerns, he couldn't answer honestly. While it was interesting if you're into footy industry politics - and who is, apart from those in the footy industry? - it wasn't particularly illuminating from an actual football point of view.

Roos has that mean streak like Grant Thomas, the pit of anger in his gut which he doesn't mind spitting. He'll call a spade a stupid bloody useless thing that can barely shift earth, and has been superseded long ago by more efficient earth-moving equipment.


I laughed at the several times last year when Hird made some claim, Sheahan said the stats don't back that up, then Hird looked blank before waffling some non answer.


Cometti is brilliant. My archivist Magpie tragic mate, Schackie, called from New York after the second granny to be triumphantly reassured that Dennis had indeed called Heath Shaw as sneaking up on Nickie-la-la "like a librarian". Pure gold. And he does it every week.


Dennis is famous for his one-lines (many of which are rehearsed and some have been part of a radio station competition) but people overlook his smooth calling, accuracy, clear voice and the simple fact that he actually knows the game. His shtick is superfluous.


Has Canada been relocated to the Indian sub continent?
Check out the names of Canadian cricketers on BBC Cricket, game played Wed 16th.


Roos was OK tonight. Nothing spectacular. Just solid. Funny bit when he said "this game is over" with 9+ minutes left and Dwayne Russell replied "Well, we're supposed to talk it up."


Thank Christ you're talking footy again Teach. I've been marginalised in recent months by your music, fillum, etc posts, to which I have been unable to contribute.


The bottom post on the front page of the blog is dated 27 September last year, which, I suppose, says something about where I've been at since last footy season.

Big Ramifications

The Velvet Sledgehammer is a brilliant special comments dude. Don't see enough of him. Not even sure if he's in the stable this season. --> Lloyd.

B. J. McAvaney

Well, I’m not gay. I’m a normal well, I shouldn’t say I’m a normal bloke, because gay guys are no different. Nothing like that worries me. Anything that is said about me, or inferred about me like that, it never worries me. It doesn’t have an impact on me. It doesn’t change me in one way or another. It’s irrelevant.

Willy Shakespeare

Not protest much?

Bruise McRackwithyormainvaney

Try sayin' that when you're drunk.


Sizzle-bottom, Lloyd started out as a bit of a wood duck, but got a lot better as the year progressed.

And working with Cometti has done wonders for Bruce's commentary. Far less far less serious, far less excitable, but still a pro caller.

Big Ramifications

I specifically mean his astute in-game ramblings where he is describing a tactic that I am missing as a TV viewer, not to-camera pieces at the breaks.

How does anyone make them look good? "Blah blah Mick Malthouse said he wants more attack on the ball yada yada Rodney Eade wants everyone to be accountable yibbida yibbida."

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