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To make amends, the RFC should get her down to Punt Road, get her into a Richmond heritage jumper (the Black and Yellow vertical stripes one), and give her a yellow bandanna. Take a few promotional shots, have the network news there, ... she can make a big thing of it!

... wait, what?


... and now that I read the link, and see that old boot-in-mouth Jeff Kennett is making a fuss that it had to be removed.

Perhaps the garments the golliwog is wearing are really yellow and brown! It's actually a Hawthorn FC 'ambush marketing' stunt!


Kennett covets the golliwog demographic.


quote, Jeff, "I love golliwogs"

Can see this quote making a comeback during the season.


Didn't Harry O'Brien want to meet Oprah or have I got my stories COMPLETELY mixed up?


Lad Litter

I haven't yet heard the phrase political correctness gone mad. You know the type: if I'm not offended by golliwogs, no-one else has a right to be.

Ann O'Dyne

they're offensive.
they caused a lot of the troubles that Noddy had
(not Noddy Holder)

Ann O'Dyne

speaking of offensive - the breaking news on Shane Warne schmoozing Mrs. Liz Hurley Nayan has elicited this comment in a thread on The (London)Sun:
Sorry Warnie but I can't see her trading in her textile heir for your textile hair.
9:09AM, Dec 11, 2010 Njmac

Professor Rosseforp

Golliwogs are cool and I have several.


I prefer golliwogs to elves. Blame Peter Jackson.

Ann, what part of that is offensive? It's a golden quip.

Big Ramifications

Didn't Harry O'Brien want to meet Oprah or have I got my stories COMPLETELY mixed up?


What a goofball.

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