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Andrew Demetriou: Reaction Jackson.

Professor Rosseforp

As opposed to the ICC -- which DOES change rules in response to an elbow-jerk action.

Big Ramifications

Man, oh man. 16 different types of crazy in this thread [the link wording is EXCEEDINGLY misleading, BTW - it's about guests not showing up, not grooms].


A lot of comments saying "well they aren't true friends, then." I would counter with "think of what a pair of losers you really must be that people were only gonna show up for the free piss, and that they'd rather be somewhere else and pay for the privilege to get drunk."

Comment #12 read my mind:

Get over it. Put a big projection screen at the wedding for your guests, theyll be stoked and its something different and memorable.

Also, for someone who sounds suspiciously like a religious type happy-clapper, comment #14 was decidedly lucid:

You see whilst I appreciate you have spent a long 5 months planning your 'big-day' you really need to get a grip and a bit of prospective. All you should ideally care about is your husband is standing at the end of the isle waiting for you. If you were planning on having a solid marriage and not just a wedding you would be much better emotionally and spiritually prepared to deal with such a non sensical issue. Your going to be a bride and wife from hell get a reality check really, look into your husbands eyes and see there is so much more out their for you both than whether your friends turn up or not due a rescheduled AFL grand final. Please guys don't let this childish immature idealist of your wedding day ruin your big day. Stand together be proud, plan an outrageous BBQ or shame game party for your fellow piker friends that missed your big day. But I beg and plead with you to look ahead with grace and love and move pass this issue and have the day and life you both dream about and know you deserve. Grace & Favor to you both and may the guests who do show up fill your hearts with all the joy you so desire and you feel full and prosperous.

I got too depressed at the typos and the crazy, and gave up after comment #40.

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