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Professor Rosseforp

Wasn't Vishnuvel Ungangly a first change bowler for India in the 1960s?



Big Ramifications

"Like I said having said that..."

Grant Hackett being interviewed by Shinybum Karl on the 9 news this morning.

ps: Did y'all know that it's the footy finals and Shinybum Karl is "pumped" and he "can't wait" and it's "huge" and so on and so on? Yes, Shinybum, I believe you.

Big Ramifications

"Well, Andrew Demetriou's doing a beautiful job maintaining the suspension..."

Stephen Quartermain at last night's Brownlow count. Doing the big suck-ass regarding Demetriou's beautiful annoying habit of s-l-o-w-i-n-g down the counting at various points.

Big Rammer's mum

You idiot.

He was talking about Andy Dimmitru, his mechanic. Didn't realise he had the mic on, and blurted it out after they came back on air after an ad break.

Lad Litter

I still like the sound of ungangly, irregardless.


I love wrong words that work; all-beat with reservations.


Didja see the name of Delhi's Chief Minister, busy tying to fix the Commonwealth Games mess? "Sheila Dikshit", lol.


Didja see the comment of Prof Ross in the Delhi Telly post?

Big Ramifications

Henceforth, she shall be known as: She's a Dipshit.

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