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Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast.

Big Ramifications

I thought that 2nd photo was Peter Daicos for a fleeting moment.

Peter Daicos

Steady on.

Professor Rosseforp

Reading the story, I thought the names in the pictures had been accidentally switched. It would make more sense if the guy with the mullet had bashed up the chain-smoking accountant.


if i'm not wrong it was a christian youth camp or something wasn't it?

Praise the Lord - and keep your guard up


Prof, that is what I meant by "appearances can be deceptive". Reading the article the other day I automatically assumed the bloke with the mullet and pinched face was the puncher, while the bloke in the glasses and suit was the punchee. Then wondered whether a subby had made a mistake and swapped the names. Guess Lewis-Smith was just dressed in his defendant best.

FX, christian youth camp screams violence to me.


Wayne looks like Neil Brooks with a mullet.

Lad Litter

Refreshing to see the stereotypes reversed now and then. Wonder what the kids look like.

Professor Rosseforp

Also, how could a guy with a mullet have a hyphenated Surname-Surname?
My favourite fancy names are the olde English families the Horsey de Horseys and the Courcy de Courcys* -- if they got together it would be Horsey de Horseys for Courcey de Courcys.
* both true names although not sure if the spelling is Courcy or Courcey.


"...causing serious injury, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury and intentionally causing serious injury."

Covered all his bases didn't he.


Also Bogan there is going to cop no small amount of stick from his mates for getting belted by the bank manager.


A matter of Cource:

"It conquers everything, truth."

(You know things are to pot going when even motto writers backwards sentences use.)

Professor Rosseforp

Has anyone else seen the story about the Australian artificial heart operation?
Journalists have been too polite to mention the artificial hair. I am not. I suspect this is a toupée. Anyone else? Tony are you able to put up a picture on the site?

Pump Up The Jam

The so called mild mannered accountant type is a thug.
Dressed up for his court appearance to look everything else but the viscous
animal he is. If he gets jail, he will spend it planning
revenge to get back at the people who put him there.
Very dangerous man.

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