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Professor Rosseforp

Ben CuntingSON, Ben CuntingSON -- he rehearsed it so many times!


Once I was discussing mistakes and slip ups by media presenters at work. Someone was asking me, 'yeah, but how can it happen', ie, how do professional presenters make these obvious mistakes?

'Oh, it's easy', I said. 'You just say something like stunning c*nt and you get the words mixed up...'

As soon as the phrase was out of my mouth I realised what I'd done. Er, case in point?


We have an open plan office at work I should point out. And I said it in a rather loud voice. Not unusually loud, but... loud enough.

Marshall Stacks

we're getting a lot of stunning cant from pollies just lately Tim. Is that what you mean?

Marshall Stacks

we're getting some stunning cant from politicians lately Tim, is that what you meant?


One of the doyens of English news presenting, Sir Trevor McDonald once said 'cunt Kentryside' in a bulletin. All he did was widen his eyes for a moment when he realised what he has said, did not repeat it properly, then went on as normal.

Very impressive as there must have been loads of people after it who didn't believe he'd actually done it as he was so smooth in the transition.

ITN keep the tape to show newbies.

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