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Wenn should have bopped him one, as that's more Connors' go.


Maybe Wenn ought apologise for using an Americanism to do with a bat and ball game.


EVERYONE should apologise for using mod-biz speak.


Would Daniel go alright in the Big Bash?


Umpires don't spray players for fun.

When you have to be put in line by Ben Cousins of all people, I'd be slightly more reticent about spraying other blokes for their performance. But not him by the sounds.


Connors is a potential star. Love that word "potential".


If Wenn sledges Commors, he can get away with an apology.
If Connors sledges Wenn, then waht do we look at? 50m penalty, report for 'conduct unbecomming'?

Lots of 'ifs' there but just one Wenn (pardon the pun).


He's taking advantage of a power imbalance where the player cannot say anything in return without being penalised.

He should never umpire again.

Tony T

Saw the footage on Footy Classified last night. It's clear Wenn lost the plot. He reminded me of a teacher who goes over the top when getting stuck into a student.


Wenn's outburst was nothing like what Baum described, where Glenn James took the heat out when he chipped Crackers Keenan with a funny come-back.

Big Ramifications

That's because a lot of AFL umpires are as gey as a row of hatstands.*

When you push a gey man too far, this is the result: A man behaving like a woman having a hissy fit.

Gey or not. Totally forgivable. "There but for the grace of God, go I," and all dat. Apology smelt of a script but still sounded more sincere than not. However, I'd like to see the footage. Sorry Yobbo, we disagree again.

*I have a extremely good gey-dar so you can, um, speak to the hand if you want to debate this. We're talking honed, truffle smelling pig, freakish gey-dar.

Big Rammer's mum

You idiot.

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