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Ann O'Dyne

shooting star.
brilliance crashes and burns.
It can be done a variety of ways -Elvis used food, the Cats God found god and then drugs, and Fev's just a cashed-up bogan.
Ishews (as Kath would say)as we see from Carey and Cousins, need psychs to be sorted, but
Do any of us listen when we are given good advice?
There's young ones coming up to be recruited and fill the voids well, before they take the same lemming plunge.
It's business now, not the sport it was.


Footy players aren't even allowed to have a beer in November now.

Big Ramifications

I initially read that as "Elvis used cat food" and I'm thinkin' struth!

Interesting layout and punctuation there, Ann. Needed more rhyming.



Football players are allowed to have a beer November. Even the teetotaller in me publicly concedes that. (Secretly I would ban alcohol.) But I'm sure even the strict libertarian in you would agree that an article detailing Brand New Leaf Fev - "best possible condition", "desperate to make the most of his new start", "keen to get up there", "fully fit from day one", "could not wait to start pre-season" - is ever so slightly contradicted by a rumour that he missed the flight to Brisbane because he was on the piss.

Big Ramifications

Ix nay on the oomers ray!


Rumours are bad.


Tony, you didn't become a teetotaller until well into your 30s or even 40s if I remember correctly. Fevola is only 28, you should let him enjoy his life as you did as a young buck.

If it affected his footy then that's a different story, but just because a bloke plays football for a living shouldn't mean that he can't enjoy the same thing as every other bloke his age does.

I mean what are Fevolas worst crimes anyway? Pissing on a window, insinuating Dean Cox was gay on TV? You are only young once, and people that hold sportspeople to impossible standards need to chill out a bit.




I didn't say he couldn't have a drink. The "ban alcohol" remark was completely tongue in cheek.

Fev can fuel it up as much as he likes. Although, perhaps he shouldn't since he's a disaster area when he's on the piss.

The article, full of high flown sentiment and good intentions (but really seems to be little more than a puff piece for the Brisbane paper), is starkly contradicted by a rumour that he missed the flight to Brisbane because he was on the sauce.

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