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Lad Litter

I've eschewed gambling ever since losing all of my footy cards in the great flip 'em-closest-to-the-wall disaster of 1969.


I'm a great hoarder, but somehow I've lost all my footy cards.


Theres a word for people who make money from horseracing: Bookies.


Story going around about some bloke who had 50 gorillas on Geelong being infront by 22+ at half time against the Eagles on the weekend. Was smiling after the Cats burst out of the gates, but in what had to be an agonizing second quarter, his dreams, let alone his 50 large walzted out the back door as Geelong played millionaire footy.

However my sympathy stops there; whoever has enough coin to bet that amount on a game like Geelong v West Coast can obviously afford to lose it.


Ads: Wonder if there is a bit of Chinese whispers in that. (Or, maybe there's a new betting trend.) I know for sure that a bloke had a lash at Luxbet on Friday. His bet was 60 grand at $1.91 on the Bulldogs to be more than 13 points ahead at half time.

The punter would have been laughing when the Bulldogs went about 27 points up with 9 minutes to go in the half, but the Tiggers kicked the next five to go in a few points up.

Then the Bullies proceeded to rub it in by kicking the next 45 goals.

John Q. Puntah

And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids.


This one was straight from the mouth of the Luxbet guy on the West Coast v Geelong game on SEN, early in the first quarter so sounds legit.

Probably the same bloke? Not the greatest weekend on the punt if it was.

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