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Stumped or jumped?


Stump Jump Plough.

Rob de Santos

Summary: Richmond in Crisis.
Analysis: Nothing here; Richmond has been in crisis since 1983. Same as always.
Press Review: Clueless.


Herald Sun = idiots.

Mark Robinson = fat idiot.

Mitchell = loudmouthed conservative self-congratulatory idiot.

Mr Staff Writer = a hardworking, underappreciated journo.


Rob: Richmond in crisis = good for football.

Chris: You can see what the Hun are up to. Get Robbo in for the scoop. Get set to trumpet an "exclusive". Then, when the story goes belly up, take Robbo out of the picture. Replace Robbo with an anonymous staffy so that no one down the track can accuse the gun Hun hack of getting it wrong. Clean it up with a different reporter.

"Newman said it was his job to ensure the fiasco would not distract the players."

Did the media fiasco distract the journalists?


Tony - as a journo I know the M.O of how these things work. But then again, we're talking about Robbo here - the guy who reckons Buddy Franklin's weight is a back page story.

And as a Richmond supporter - well, words escape me.


You don't work at the Hun, do you?

Stroll on over to Robbo's cubicle and stick a drawing pin on his reinforced seat.

Lad Litter

Imagine barracking for Richmond. Go on. And tell me what it's like, because I can't for the life of me.

And then to add insult to injury you've got the usually risible level of football news-breaking-coverage-analysis diving deeply into a portable hole. Now give me the punch line from that Bugs Bunny cartoon.


What a bunch of clowns all these "journos" are.

Did any of them admit to getting it wrong and going too early with the story? Did Robbo? Did Neil?

I'm no Tiger fan, but no club deserves the crap that was dished up all though yesterday, except maybe Collingwood

Tony T

Don't you love today's Hun?

Yesterday: Big stuff up.

Today: Go in harder.

They can't let it go. They have to "get" Wallace so that they can say they were right all along.



Considering these tools bang on about on-field accountability, where is it in sports journalism?

What a grubby trade to ply, where success is measured by "scalps".


Disgusting from the Herald Sun.

You know when a paper makes Patrick Smith look measured, they're in trouble. Read Patrick's article in the Australian today - god, it actually makes some sense.

Tony - no, don't work at the Herald Sun, but would be happy to thump Robbo. First fist would be reserved for Damien "Ratboy" Barrett who bags RFC at every turn, seemingly unable to get over being embarrassed by Matthew Richardson on an episode of Footy Classified a couple of years back.

And as a journo, I hate these "journos" who would climb over a dead relative to get a scoop, and then when its wrong don't apologise. Scum of the highest order


Robbo was interviewed by Mark Doran yesdee arvo. Doran asked if he was going to apologise. Robbo's reply was a very bitter - I paraphrase - "Get stuffed!"

The thing is. I reckon Robbo probably had something spoken to someone in authority at the Tiges.

But once the story fell over, the Hun had to own it.

With the Hun on the warpath, I pity the person responsible for the original mail. The Tiges are going to cop it.


Not that I think Robbo should apologise.

These days public apologies are a waste of time.*

But it wouldn't hurt him to acknowledge he might have gone too hard, too early.

* If I offended anyone with that sentiment, I apologise.

Rob de Santos

Well, Tone, if Richmond in crisis is good for football what does that make Melbourne in crisis? Wait, wait, don't tell me...

I concur with Chris: when you make Patrick Smith seem sensible you're in it deep... but then, if you cover the AFL (and here I can speak from experience) a certain willing suspension of disbelief is in order.


Patrick Smith is a Fundamentalist.

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