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Northern Monkey

Oh, diddums. Come to Queensland, where it starts at 11:45pm and finishes at 2am. The new TV deal was supposed to give better coverage into the frontier states, but although 10 do a decent job (live-ish Saturday night games), 7 are pricks.


Queensland to the Banana-benders, the "TV black hole" according to anyone who has ever wanted to watch footy at a reasonable hour, free-to-air in the northern states.

Francis Xavier Holden

If I had a dollar for everytime I hear someone say "If I had a dollar for everytime...."

Tony T

... you'd have a 100 times as many cents.

The Green Man

Hehe I don't know how many peeps went and read the link Tony posted at the start of this blog, let alone made it to page 2 of the article.

If they had persevered (or endeavoured to persevere possibly) they would have seen this little gemette:

"How To Spell Power - Ah, the power of branding. Six-year-old Bertie, who lives in Richmond's Auskick zone, could barely contain his joy at the weekend when presented with a membership and a brand new yellow and black footy, complete with Dick Smith sponsors' logo. "Great!" said Bertie. "Now I know how to spell dick!"

10/10 Bertie.

Or maybe 6/6.


I have a little theory about Feathers, and I'm not trying to be a prick. I played against him in amateurs in 1969. The poor bloke was absolutely covered in acne. Face, shoulders, back, sides, arms. I really felt reluctant to tackle the guy, rather stand back and leave him alone.
Not to say he wasn't bloody good. Although he became known for very short kicking, drift up, take the handpass and kick again - in those days he was a huge kick.

Tony T

Feathers was back at Subi when I had my knife sharpening for the orange boy in the reserves cameo there. Top bloke with a very clever sidestep.

One day at the MCG - pretty sure it was this match - Gary Lyon tackled Craig Lambert who had a similar problem to Feathers. It was right in front of us and just as they were both picking themselves off the ground some bloke yelled out clear as a bell "Gary, you want a tissue to wipe the puss off?"

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