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Big Ramifications

That article was too lugubrious.

Tony T

You picked that word out of a hat, didn't you?

Big Ramifications

Hmmm. Technically, no. Or maybe yes.

I was reading a thing on John Stuart Mill about 5 minutes after I read your post and came across this:

"The mere cessation of existence is no evil to any one: the idea is only formidable through the illusion of imagination which makes one conceive oneself as if one were alive and feeling oneself dead. What is odious in death is not death itself, but the act of dying, and its lugubrious accompaniments"

"Ludicrously mournful" was one definition I came across.

Or, as John Stuart Mill was wont to say, woof woof!

Tony T

He only said "woof, woof" when he was contemplating the arfterlife.

Loved a pun, did Mill.

Big Ramifications

I've never thought of the concept of being ludicrously mournful before today. What do you say to a fella who is ludicrously mournful if you had to say something? Had to, as in let’s say you had to say something to win The Showcase on a TV game show hosted by Larry Emdur.

A sarcastic "harden up" with a roll of the eyes, maybe?

"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."

As for "louche," I checked out some online dictionaries and thesaurii and there was quite a range. From the subtle definition of "not as expected" to the full on pants-down ugly Aussie that I think the article was trying to portray.

Thanks for making me think, Tony. Love yer work. Here is a pic of Prince Harry being "louche" that I found via Google Image Search:


Prince Harry strikes me as more of a douche. A louche douche, perhaps?

Tony T

A louche douche, not Scaramouche.


I suppose it would be too much to ask you to perform the fandango.

Tony T

Yes. Very, very frightening.



Brett Pee

Thunderbolt and lightening. And Scaramouche ? With Stewart Granger ?

Tony T

Fact: Stewart Granger was born James Stewart, but had to change it because of the other James Stewart.

Granger went to his grave, stating for the last time, "I am not related to Percy."

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