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Is this some kind of Australlian shopping list?

Scott Wickstein

illeagles is an even better nickname then wet toast.


May as well be, Kieran.

Thanks, Wicky, I've already got it patented.

You'll see it didn't take me long to make an adjustment to the ladder. Fuckin' Demons. I can't take this shit anymore. Our season is shot at the starting gate.

You'll also see I'm posting during the game. Yes, that's right, I was home in time to take toilet snaps of my stupid gnome. We were slop.

From 2004:

This leads on to Melbourne's biggest problem. Overwhelmingly -- and somewhat oxymoronically -- Melbourne's weakness is strength. No matter how hard the Demons run, premiership ambitions will remain unfulfilled unless they can better account for themselves better against solid, hard checking sides. A touch of the C-word wouldn't go astray either.

Nothing's changed; still weak dogs. But let's face it, we we're doomed the instant The Australian published this rubbish:

Demons the pick to bring flag home

EIGHT of the past 10 AFL premierships have been won by clubs from outside the traditional heartland of Victoria, including the past six in succession.

To add insult to injury, the past three grand finals have not even featured a Victorian side.

Could this be the year that trend changes?

If the non Victorian powerhouses are to be challenged by the 10 Victorian clubs, only four appear capable of rising to the occasion - Melbourne, Geelong, the Western Bulldogs and St Kilda.

The Demons, who were the highest-placed Victorian club last season, are cherry-ripe to have a cracker of a year and appear best placed to end the dominance of the non Victorian brigade.

There are several reasons Melbourne will have its best year since 2000, when it finished runner-up to Essendon:

* It has an underrated but highly skilled midfield;

* It plays 12 games at its happy hunting ground, the MCG;

* Improved to be the No.1 tackling team in the league in 2006;

* Excellent recruiting provided it with an injection of quality youth last year;

* It has received an additional $500,000 for football department spending.

After being meekly bundled out of the finals early in 2004 and 2005, the Demons last year won their first final since 2002, against St Kilda, to finish fifth.

Billy Brownless was right on the radio when he says Melbourne supporters will be "absolutely devastated" and Grant Thomas was also right when he said something along the lines of "once again Melbourne showed a shocking inability to deal with pressure".

Melbourne, weak as piss and for the tip.


You're going to have to provide a translation for us over the border types mate - I get most, but not all. If you're setting a standard, it has to publicised!
Illegals - classic!

Adam 1.0

We will struggle to make the top 16 based on tonight's performance.


What a sparkling toilet. Ben could do lines off that...


Comiserations AGB, but surely, since Melbourne IS The Game (historically), they really don't have to do anything else but exist.


Me & Football have just started a trial separation.



Scott Wickstein

Another year of mid-table mediocrity awaits the Cows.. why do I bother?

13th Man

Scott: serves you right for backing them. There is only one SA AFL side - the one that the Cows tried to undercut when they had the nouse to attempt AFL entry long before the rest of the small-minded losers in the SANFL had the foresight to do so. Must hurt to realise that you wouldn't exist if not for Port Adelaide.

Scott Wickstein

No it doesn't hurt. I don't have an obsession about the Paps. Most people don't, you know. And if the Paps had got in in 91, do you think the rest of the state would have given a toss?


One thing's for sure, my tips are in the toilet.

13th Man

You were all pretty obsessed with blocking us back in '91, though. If not for our efforts then, there still probably wouldn't be one SA side, let alone two successful ones. Fact is, your club's history is steeped in duplicity and cowardice.


I think you've underrated the Bombers. Lloyd is a real great and is back, Sheeds let it bottom a bit to get some drafts, now they're ready.
And you've overrated the Dockers. Williams did a classic on Sandilands. Pissed in his pocket and Brogan fixed him up in the second half. And most of the rest of them swallowed that flannel about being favourites for the flag and went out and soft-pedalled.
Be mean to the mighty Eags if you like, I don't care - I've got a shirt with "2006 Premiers" written on it.
"A fly may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other is a horse still."


I don't underrate the Bombers, Os, I've just got them down the ladder because I hate them.

The Wanchors are missing a few players and with all their games at home, will get better. Personally, though, I hope they flop.

The Eagles will always be good. They will have the odd crap year, but they were set up to be good and with their own limitless natural advantages they will be good, for ever. There is really no point barracking for them.


Oh that's no good, I came here for an argument. That was never an argument.


You're right.


Gnome Chomsky - Big Pies fan.

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