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To fill in the blank:

Et Ceteras


Bonus competition: Name the date when the Eagles announce "Ben's worked through his problems and it's great to have him back."


1 - incidents.

2 - Next Thursday when the teams for Rd.1 are announced.



But fair.

Francis Xavier Holden

I'd never heard of Ben or his cousins until today. But I see he is a Captain of something.

I seem to rememeber a time when people who were captains (of industry, boats, etc) were kind of leaders or something.

Can you fill me in on what a captain does in sport these days?



May I answer that with a multiple choice question? Thank you.

What does a captain in sport do these days?

a) Drinks the most booze.
b) Pulls the most women.
c) Tosses the coin.
d) Gets to say "We are taking it one drug test at a time."


May I suggest a swap?

Ben Cousins to captain the Pakistan cricket team. This will solve any alcohol or other substance related problems he may have.
Andrew Flintoff to join the Weagles. He will fit right in, perhaps in the ruck - like for like with Michael Gardiner. His wife will also be appreciated by the team and supporters.
Inzamam - off to the Poms, to bolster their weak middle order and address their drinking culture. England will then have two senior players who, on their day, many moons ago, were great batsmen, but who can now only run to the toilet.


Good idea, Nick. Let's formalize the thing with a Team-Idiot Draft. Every team has at least one, so the draft would run deep.


I went to school with Ben Cousins. He was a dick. I went to school with a lot of dicks mind you, and he wasn't the worst.

Funnily enough, I don't remember him being THAT good at AFL. He was good I think - but not head-and-shoulders-better-than-anyone-else good, if you know what I mean.


Now Carrot, your initials wouldn't be TLS would they? I worked with someone in WA who went to school with Ben Cousins, and they said exactly the same as you...


Tony, Australia's current line up. Who's the Team-Idiot? Just an intellectual exercise, you understand...


Nick - it's clearly Roy, and, like the Eagles, he's also one of the side's best players.


Looking at some of the Team Idiots around, if Warnie could coach them, they could win the World Cup.


Spotted on the front page of the Herald Sun:

the ban comes after a litany of indiscretions that include running from a booze bus, socialising with underworld figures, fighting a teammate in public and being arrested after a drinking session.

Bit naughty of them to leave out the 'off-field' part, but I'm sure it exists in at least one of the 789 articles that are in today's papers.


I don't think Roy is the Team Idiot, he's the Team Loveable Goose.

David Barry

From The Australian:

Despite his litany of off-field troubles, Cousins remains West Coast's most-decorated player and an enormously popular figure in Perth.

Francis Xavier Holden

look i wasn't joking when i said i hadn't heard of this cousins fucker until the other day.

now today on the radio i hear some idiot chiding him for being a role model. role model?

whats going on here. if i've never heard of him how is he a role model.

whats a role model anyway.

never had them in my day. didn't need them either.

if i had had one it would have been keith richards.

role model my arse.


Just thinking out loud here...

But is it now in the Weagles' best interest for Cousins to fail a drug test. This allows them to drop/suspend/sack him without giving him up to another club.

There is no way they can outright sack him. There would be 15 clubs with their cheque books open waiting for him at the gate. Or perhaps they trade him now while his value is astronomical rather than wait for it all to catch up with him...

cf. Laurence Angwin. If he could have put in the performance on the park that Cousins does every week - would Carlton still have him on the list?

Pandora's box of worms sans lid.


I hate football. Why are we talking about football? Shut up.


Nick, my initial are not TLS, although it occurs to me that I've been out of the country too long and TLS is some sort of acronym for something that I've long since forgotten. But still, Wesley College, what a great place, famous for boarders being hit and killed by cars on punishment runs, and peadophilic headmasters.

Being a grown-up is..... just plain better than being a kid.


Must be a Wesley College thing. The one in Melbourne is famed for its tennis coaches having affairs with students.

I blame Methodists.

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