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Some teams players wouldn't even pass a beep test.


That rules out drafting the Roadrunner.


Wile E. or won't he? (Ponting, that is)


Well, I'm shocked. To the core.


la la la la I am not listening


A three-wicket win over the Bangas! What a scalp, eh?

Just as Hayden's been quoted in the British press as saying that England are largely crap and too reliant on Flintoff. Pot, kettle, black I think; where would we have been in the last six months without Ponting? Just assume for a minute that he wasn't available for some reason (let's say that he failed drugs test!) and we replaced him with Hodge. It doesn't bear thinking about; I think we could have probably kissed goodbye a good three-quarters of the tests we've won, and this supposedly "invincible" Australian side would be the one in trouble before the Ashes.


Nick: I hope an anvil never falls on Ponting's head.

Third: Me, too.

Carna: Psssst, you can unclog your ears, they're not Eagles players.

Carrot: Bit harsh. Recovering from that tight spot, even with Ponting playing a huge part, is still a huge relief. Cricket might be a team game, but it's always been about the stars, the key players. Ponting is main man at the moment, but don't forget Warne, Gilly, maybe McGrath, Hayden, Lee. It's still a pretty strong team. Looking to the Ashes, it's the Martyn/Clarke conundrum that's worrying me. Martyn's inconsistency is a concern, he's got a touch of the Mark Waughs about him. And Clarke's just doesn't put enough value on his wicket. The way he got out in this second innings, swatting at another widey late in the day is enough to have me hurling crockery at the television.


If an anvil drops on Punter's head in January 2007, I think we can safely say that he will have not urned it.

Pedro the Ignorant

Hear hear, Tony.
Clarke is another immature gilded youth, anointed by the alleged "media experts" as the Next Bradman.

Kiss of Death.

Martyn is yesterday's hero, tries hard, but has been around so long that even the Bangas finally worked out his weaknesses.

The State's cupboards are not that bare, it just needs some daring moves from the selectors.

Two words that have never been seen in the same sentence; "selectors" and "daring".


Marto has more than a touch of the Mark Waughs about him, always has. Prone to scoring 40 effortless, lovely runs, then loses wicket in dumb manner. OK - I'm biased, a complete sucker for sublime strokeplay - Marto is Australia's Laxman - easy scapegoat due to the frequency of silly dismissals, but has saved the nation's bacon more than once.


Laxman's got the axe, Marto can't (shouldn't) be far behind. If he produces a hundred in November, I'll eat my hat. If he doesn't, I expect him to eat his....

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