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Scott Wickstein

Hot pies? they were okay against Adelaide, but I have tipped the Hawks to give them a bit of sauce today.

Dirk Thruster

It was you.
There's no such thing as hot pies at the footy.

Adam 1.0

Never fear, there's always somebody worse off. I know a guy who is going to the Gold Coast and Sydney to watch us in the next two weeks. AHAHAHAHAH cop that. I'll be sitting in front of my television crying.


Looking at the draw again (I'm a sucker for detail, and also desperately trying to find the merest shred of hope for the season), it is conceivable we will lose every single game this year. (Sorry, no hope there.) That's a new low, even for the Demons, especially in the very first year they decide to dump the first-round concession.


Sounds like it's time to start going to Olympic Park instead Tony and watch real football - the way God intended it to be played. Though as per usual you Vics are delving in heresies what with stomping on players heads and touching up the ref and all.


When in Rome, and all that, Pat.

Russell Allen

When confronted by the awesome combination of Tony with pie in hand I'm surprised they weren't throwing themselves at you


Pity the vow of abstinence didn't extend to a cold ale in the other hand. Get some plumbers crack goin' and you would look quite teh h0tness.


"We'll come bottom."

In your dreams! Never gunna happen Gunner Sugden while there's a B/W army of untalented kiddies and too old, too slow fogies lorded over by a President wot's decamped to Syddie.

Let's head down to Daffyd Rhys-Jones's's's's' pub and drown our corrective sorrows whilst sharing a pot of Ribena with Shane Woewodin. Sums up the problem dontcha reckon comrade?

Living in Canberra

Is it supposed to be the "on" or "off" year for the Dees? Or should that be bad or atrocious year? I saw the 2nd half yesterday and they looked very poor. A team thats been soft mentally for quite some time, and not looking likely to change.

Scott Wickstein

Meanwhile, Bangladesh are pounding the Australian bowling, and are 1 for 172.

Francis Xavier Holden

Like a pie. Not hot. Stale, crusty, full of fatty stuff inside.


Not to worry Scott. You can always depend on MacGill to get a wicket with a rank long-hop.


Chock full 'o' racehorse offal.

Clem Snide

Sounds like the Melroy Limons weren't such a bad idea after all, Tony. Maybe South Sydney would still be interested in a merger. Or failing that, Bangladesh.

Miss Q

Can't both be hot? I don't know, I've never met you. Cold pies are revolting.


Woey is skippering that proud West Australian club East Fremantle through one of their leanest periods at the moment, collecting a shirtload of touches and generally looking too classy for the WAFL. The Sharks even notched a win on the weekend against Club In Crisis East Perth - not sure that they will win too many more though.

Some other Bruce

With Collingwood coming up with a win over the weekend, does that now mean that football is 'fixed' and that it is no longer the unnatractive, no-contact sport that threatened to drive the fans away?

There was and is still plenty of contested footy being played but it was only being played by sides that stood a chance of winning a contest.


Forget about the Mons Tony - I made an emotional break with the Eels yesterday and for the first time ever went for the Panthers over them. Emotional. Tears. and joy. sob sob.

Seeya at Hindmarsh stadium this Saturday Tony.


Ye Gods...I've just tuned into the Test Match...

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