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Brett Pee

The Poms are too timid to go in for all that sledging- Aussies are proud to relate that WE introduced this charming act into English 'sport'. They needed a shock to the system- get them out of their damned comfort zone and upset a few of their Lords. I dish out most of the sledging on the Footie pitch-being in the 'thick' of the action, i have to cop a load myself- Hell, it's water off a Hippo's back to me.

Clive Woodward instilled a strong sense of belief and a winning culture in Pom rugby- but that now looks to have been a short term policy, several players were at their peak and 100% at the top of their game at the world cup- they sneaked past us, but it looks like 'sir' Clive has a massive task of building from scratch- can he achieve it.

Tim Henman will no more win Wimbledon than Worsfold giving me a call and saying " Brett, we need a strong physical presence, come & join the squad." Henman is too old and too mentally soft. In fact, i'll swim the Tasman if he wins it. Losing is part of his make up- he's been doing it too long.

So the next Ashes will be competitive eh? I, personally, do not see their batters putting enough runs on the board to worry us unduly. Vaughn USED to worry me, but he'll be lucky to scrape 100 runs in the series as Skip- he can't hack it and the stats prove it. Strauss is worried by a round the wicket attack- looks very vulnerable and we'll work him out. Trescothick will stand stock still at the crease- spinners on please. Flintoff- bring on a slowie or a part time trundler to see him off. I'm only worried about Butcher, but he can't do it on his own. Tony-rest easy on that Ashes score.

Scott Wickstein

I must admit what I've seen of England so far doesn't make me worry too much about the Ashes.

That is a TOP sledge!


Scarborough vs Leederville this year, Florance walks out to bat, all 120kg of him. First slip: "Christ mate, is that a bat in your hand or a chicken drumstick?"


Footy pitch?!? What sort of talk is that? And I never rest easy until the trophy is in the cabinet.

Scott, sledging is good for you.

Florance, Yob? Hardly you're 120kg kind of blokes name.

You played against Leederville? I used to play against Leederville when I played for Karrinyup.

Brett Pee

"footy pitch" is slang i picked up living in Bunbury - they speak kinda strange in those parts!!

Brett Pee

ps.. And seeing as i now weigh in at 110 kg i'll probably keep my gob shut on that sledging above!!!


Take the heat out of it. Sledge yourself first.

Brett Pee

Tony, check out :-


Seems that the Poms are losing more than just one dayers !!!

Brett Pee

BUT...The only time i've had my height measured, when i finished 'studying' in London, i was 6 feet 6 and 3/4 inches. Christ knows what that is in metres. But it does not make me a fat slob....yet, it's hidden well!!


True, Brett. It makes you a BIG fat slob.

Brett Pee

In my last outing, having 'removed' 2 blokes from midfield who were getting in my way, their trainer/phisio called me a big, fat, ugly poofta. This was most unfair.....i'm not a poofta. And their 2 blokes were not really hurt badly, i just kinda put them to sleep.

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