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Sheeds to Melbourne? There's more chance of Norm Smith rising from the grave and taking over.


That's pretty much what I said too.


God - the thought of that whingy, whiney Terry Wallace character coaching my beloved Tiges almost (to use T Wallace terminology) makes me want to spew up.

Ugghh, could never stomach the bloke, even though he can coach.

Then again, maybe the threat of him coming in and coaching Richmond could get the players to pull their fingers out (as that's where the problems really are, not so much with the coach) and actually do something this year ... starting tonight in the Wizard Cup.


I've been at Terry Wallace before, Chris. Ordinary bloke far as I can tell....



Although I do reckon he has some ideas about coaching. All in all though, he's too keen on tactics revolving around "freeing up a loose man" and not solid enough on tactics about winning the contested ball.

That said, I reckon he could really do something with the Tiges in the first year or so. Might even pinch a flag before the better teams suss him out.

He must really be kicking himself over the finals loss to the Crows in 1997. They were a certainty to beat St Kilda in the Grand, but they choked and lost a golden opportunity. That game must burn Wallace and the players involved. Mark West missing a sitter, Grant and Huddo mixing each other up, Libber's near miss, all the while at the other end Jarman and co couldn't miss.

I light of his dirty tactics - Ha Ha Tezza.


Sheedy at Melbourne would be an interesting social experiment. Can't see it happening though; Melboune don't have the pots of cash to tempt anyone into their den of iniquity.

Wallace at Richmond? Bwahahaha!


Can't see Sheeds at the Dees, but I'd have him.

I'm on the record about Wallace. But he's a better coach that Frawley.

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