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My brother (slack sod, went over for America's Cup and hasn't made it back yet) says it's called "Nitball" over there.
Nits, crabs, flystrike, whatever you like, they've got it.


I'd rather the commentators did some research and got their bloody facts right.

I'm a tad sick of hearing about "ex-Collingwood Captain Mark Williams", who was born, bred and learned how to kick a ball (and an opponent) at Port Adelaide or Jason Torney, the "ex-Tiger" who in fact is an ex-Panther from South Adelaide. He happened to get shanghai'd to Punt Rd due to the AFL's fucking woeful draft system and only managed to escape and find his way home recently.

If the commentators are looking for some "colour" to add to their remarks about players, why can't they say something interesting? We don't need to hear that a bloke spent a couple of years at some has-been Victorian club (and we CERTAINLY don't need to hear it every time he gets the frigging ball, Huddo, you pilloch), particularly if the bloke HAS done something interesting like winning a Magarey or Sandover or kicking 15 goals in an ACTAFL final or whatever.


America's Cup Os?!? Remember, if it ain't got a ball, it ain't a sport. Even Nitball's a sport.

Scarlo - You're crazy hardcore SA bonkers. I like it. And Huddo does fuckin' repeat himself.

Scott Wickstein

Did you know that ol Studly has got his missus pregnant again? Still beautiful after all those years...


Yeah, saw that in the paper last week Scott. Aren't there enough badly named kids in the world. I find it hard to take the Chads and Kanes of the world seriously.

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