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Huh, didn't see you posted that, Tony. It's so long since I've written anything here that I went looking for a "like" button!

Our WC record is just nuts. I've been struggling to find an explanation. All the Haydos-style "we're just better, maaaaate" triumpalism doesn't help.


PS, not sure if it's already been said somewhere else, but this result has probably extended the shelf-life of ODI cricket by at least another cycle. The next edition will go ahead anyway of course, but you get the feeling that if India had have won it, they'd have been happy to give up on the format in the long run. Now they'll want to right the wrong of being pantsed in front of their home crowd in what was supposed to be a victory lap.

And isn't it just hilarious that they're supposed to be this dominant global force, and yet they haven't won anything of note since 2013 - and that's if you count the Champions Trophy as "anything of note". Outside of that, the last time was the 2011 WC, THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. The WEST INDIES have won multiple global tournaments in that time!

Not Trampis

The only cricket is test cricket but it is dying as the current test series is showing


Well, clearly that’s not true. But nothing much you’ve ever said here is, Trampis. You’re the reason this blog died; people just couldn’t handle your bullshit, me included.


To be fair to Homer and his negative Nancies, the blog died because I lost interest and shifted my efforts to studying Latin, which I'm still doing.

Not Trampis

Carrot say it is not true but offers no evidence whereas I did.
There are three very good but aging test teams who will most of the time easily dispose of the rest. Occasionally the others will put up a fight but only on occasions.

We saw that last season here and are seeing it again now.

Sri Lanka is at a low ebb, SA needs all of ots fast bowlers fit and a greentop, New Zealand can only put up a fight in either NZ or England and the Windies are a joke.

Carrot clearly does not watch test cricket nor invests in a dictionary.

Shame about the blog.

studying Latin? i can understand koina greek but latin

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