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Not Trampis

the poms have been unlucky. Could have had three 150k bowlers but fir injury and their best WK is injured also.
however they selected a team based on english conditions and have played like it is england. It aint. the useless kookaburra ball doesn't swing after 30 overs.
The Ashes is not even a contest. Here in Melbourne we have but one decent btrst bowler and they still cannot bat.
I hope test in SA is better

Not Trampis

boland is a medium pace bowler who should not be much trouble for any test batsman. We only had Cummins who is a genuine test bowler and we still thrashed them.

A complete and utter joke

Tony Taylor

I think we were all shocked by Boland's figures. But it was the classic case of a bowler putting the ball on the spot, while the other bowlers had put the frighteners into a cooked batting line-up.

Tony Taylor

Pat & Homer, do a no-rain dance will ya.

Not Trampis

it won't help

Not Trampis

this game will be a draw but perhaps the poms will make another mess again

Not Trampis

Except for Sydanee the wickets have been good for cricket. hopefully Hobart will be its usual so 4 out of 5 aint bad.

now we only have to get rid of the kookaburra ball.

Not Trampis

Why did Reiffel raise his finger. It was clear it did not hit the pad. Umpires having ordinary summer

Not Trampis

how come the fox commentators wears such terrible suits and have shocking shoes??


Happy new year Homer and Tones!

Not looking good at all in Hobart.

I blame Oz's return to the bad old days of shissehaus collapses to the coprophagic media tongue bathing Khawaja got in superlatives not but once again.

How can he open ever except for on a flat pitch doing nothing?

I'm afraid we're doomed on our tour of Pakistan.

It's alot like the media and their promotion of everything covid, vaccine, lockdowns and masks.

This time it'll work.

Anyway, here's to a refreshing realignment of expectations in accord with reality out of Hobart.

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