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I am Not Trampis

No-one ever questions McGrath about his pink foundation. It has high admin costs. why. He doesn't have a brother to give a job to so why?

This is the best ever Kiwi team. I do not think so. I watched the 73 team.It had Cone y debuting, a young Dick Hadlee his older bro Dayle quicker and better at that stage, Ken Wadsworth Glenn turner.

If not for rain they would have blitzed us in sydney.

As for this match they wil get thrashed again.

I am Not Trampis

Hey tones what about the title.
What about resting Southee? doesn't make sense

Tony Tea

Southeely Busted.

I am Not Trampis

the problem with NZ cricket is too many beards

I am Not Trampis

wow local ABC does not have the cricket. Either too boring or bushfire alerts too frequent

Smivvys back

No contest = no interest. Good to see Lab cashing in, but really an almost 3rd string bowling lineup against our blokes does little to boost interest. Also the heat will keep the crowds down. And tomorrow will be an advert for breast cancer. Which is fine, but perhaps half the money should go to the fire victims

I am Not Trampis

got to give it to thew Kiwis. They have shown pluck today

I am Not Trampis

This is the last test and it has been disappointing this season. NO competition.

In terms of calling and commentating I have fears for the ABC. Jim Maxwell is clearly on his last legs. Corbin whatever seems to be the ONLY replacement . Alison is good however why not get Aggers who is easily the best in the world.
They have only Dirk Nannes aes the only decent analyst. The females used are a waste of time.

Channel 7 are at least better than Nein ever were, Ponting is the clear stand out. Mcgrath is utterly boring. Listening to him you would think he only played 5th grade for North Ryde RSL.

Smivvys back

I used to play against North Ryde RSL. 4th grade though. Nannes gives me the shits. Mitch J is ok. Jim is definitely on the way out. I dont mind Chris Rogers tho he seems to have fallen off he list.

I am Not Trampis

well I could well have umpired you at some stage when shires were doing one-dayers. Keith Shannon now umpires grade and I umpired with hihm this season in Shires!!
Mitch J? agree on Buck but we disagree on Nannes.

I am Not Trampis

Another thing that narks me. If an Umpire does not pick up a no-ball when a wicket is taken then tough.

Tell me how many times the third umpire tells the umpire at the bowling end there has been a no-ball? none. Tell me how many times he has told the same umpire a short run occurred? none

I am Not Trampis

getting 15 overs in an hour should be easy.
A couple of suggestions

I never allow batsmen to talk to each within an over. I tell them to to talk at the end of the over.

Batsmen take an earth to get ready. Hurry them along.

works in Shires

I am Not Trampis

SCG pitch crap as usual.
Take this test away from us until it is improved. give it to Hobart

I am Not Trampis

McGrath wants $1.6m for a mere 12 nurses.

Thats a fair bit of coin for a nurse.

Smivvys back

Overheads in McGrath foundation appear to be a problem.
I played against North Ryde late 80's early 90's so probably before your time Trampis.
Also if you take Labs innigs off our score, they got more runs than us. Sobering. Lots of waste in both innings.
Apparently Patto bowled 4 noballs prior to the one which took a wicket, so umpires negligent as always. Umpires Should be docked $100 from their pay for every noball missed. That would sort it out in a hurry. Also bowlers should be docked $2000 for every wicket off a noball, donated to fire victims of course. Sorted.

I am Not Trampis

how about the short runs??
They are looking at the ball instead of whether the bats is past the popping crease

I am Not Trampis


If an umpire does not warn a bowler ( AND they are not only allegedly fast bowlers either) that they are close to being over the crease guess what occurs

I am Not Trampis

Sorry but the test cricket this season has been poor.

No competition.

I expected it with Pakistan but didn't expect the Kiwis to pick a team for NZ conditions for Australia.

Next season should be good.
IF Bumrah is fit ( I rate more highly than Cummins because he can swing the ball both ways now) it should be a bewdy.

Don't we have Afghanistan as well?

I am Not Trampis

for the technically minded what Dar should have done was
1) immediately call dead ball. There is no run.
2) pat his his shoulder only once so 5 penalty runs are awarded to the fielding side.

I have done this twice this season

Once to the fielding side and once to the batting side.
I have also binned tow bowlers for twice bowling waist high fulltosses ( which is now defined)

I am Not Trampis

on the McGrath Foundation I always remember the accounting lecturer at business school flourishing an Annual report and saying they could al be found in the fiction department of the Library!

Smivvys back

Certainly feeling better than this time last year. Comprehensive, confident, compelling. Cant wait till next summer when the Indians will be a real test.

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