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Tony Tea

The most interesting aspect of yesterday's cricket was whether Dizzy Gillespie had invented some rhyming slang when he referred to "bleak" weather day as a "Mozam", as in Mozambique.


Let’s hope the Kiwis put up more resistance.

Smivvys back

That is the worst declaration in history, We will win by an innings and then some, so to rob Warner of the chance to make the highest test score is worse than criminal. Like Taylor declaring when on the Dons score, its weak. How can it possibly be justified, The game is built on statistics. We should have seen him make 401no, or fail in the attempt. The bullshit of its a team game is irrelevant when rare opportunities present themselves. Extremely disappointed.

I am Not Trampis

You are kidding. It is more than enough to beast the Pakis and remember rain. Queen Elizabeth's reign I assume.

By gingo Starc stil has lost his inswinger. how do the coaching staff make their money.

It is pretty simple to overcome

I am Not Trampis

there is nothing like test cricket when it is close and the ball is in command.

It is a total bore when the game is one-sided and batsmen are easily getting runs.

Get rid of kookaburra balls which are hopeless.
Have much better pitches


The declaration did seem strange to me at the time as well, but yes: the rain. You give him an extra hour or so to get there, they get to 0/50 at stumps and then it rains; or worse, you give him an extra hour or so, he DOESN’T get there and they’re 0/50 at stumps and it rains. Cue recriminations, putting the player before the team etc etc. What it shows us is that the 400 probably isn’t as safe as we thought it was, though - like the ODI 200, someone will get there again soon. Probably in the subby I’d say; some hapless side will get torn apart by India (again) and Kohli or Rohit Sharma will run amok or something.

It’s hard to reconcile Warner’s home and away form. He’s clearly a very very good batsman. No one could boast that record without that being the case. We can bang on about flat Australian pitches, but no one else except for Smith is doing what Warner does at home, and witness the records of guys like Marsh and Khawaja. And yet Warner has 23 centuries in 80 Tests, but only three (I think - one in RSA, two in Bangladesh from memory) of them away from home. It’s odd, and even more so that it’s SO asymmetrical. Does he need local support? Is he one of those guys like Harmison that gets homesick? What is it?


Oh, whoops - howSTAT tells me it’s six away hundreds. Still, he averages more than 30 home than away:



FFS - he averages 30 more AT home than away.

Smivvys back

Carrot most batsman hit a majority of their centuries at home. I dont know the stats, but they were talking about it on the ABC yesterday and it sounded like 65-70% is the number of tons at home verses away.

Smivvys back

There is a Pakistani leg spinner who bucks that trend through!

I am Not Trampis

Warner is the complete flat track bully.
He has a bad technique which is found out when either the ball is swinging or the pitch is doing something.

Of course he gets runs here. The kookaburra ball is a disgrace and the pitches more so.

I am Not Trampis

Cricket journos are hopelss. Starc is back in form. Huh. He still does not have his late inswinger.

Reminds of those two decions

Anderson to smith in Adelaide in which the DRS had the impossible occur. A good length ball pitched outside the legstump but still hit the stumps.
A bit like Lyons ball to Stokes. It comes out of his hand well outside the return crease. He was not spinning the ball apart from when he hit the bowlers footmarks but somehow the ball hits the stumps.
In neither case did the Journos ask the obvious question.

Some poms did in the latter and we found out the 99% accuracy was not quite that. the DRS has problems when the ball hits the front pad.

Really Sherlock

I am Not Trampis

Hazelwood is the best exponent of swinging the ball so why is he not bowling.
Is he still depressed by the closing down of his power plant?

I am Not Trampis

how come we bowl faster in England than here?

I do not understand

I am Not Trampis

This pitch is an absolute crock. not as bad as the MCG but of course no pitch could be however without the ball swinging around at night this match would be as boring as a MCG test

I am Not Trampis

Presentation is much better these days. From a sexist point of view i much prefer a very good sort doing it rather than a very boring Mark Taylor

I am Not Trampis

KIwis might surprise in the day nighter with Boult a swinging the ball around but the other two tests wil be boring draws with both Smith and Williamson scoring double tons on grounds that should not have tests!

Smivvys back

I would love to know how many times Starc has got 2 wickets in 2 balls. I reckon in tests it must be half a dozen at least. In all forms probably 15.


“The full and straight factor is strong with this one”.

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