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We are going to end up below NZ in the Test rankings. The shame.

Tony Tea

As I've mentioned several times, we are back at the mid 80s.

I am and will always be Not Trampis

South Africa was outplaying our best side with some of their best batsmen not batting well.

Absolutely Brilliant has proved one of the best around. Their keeper is as good as any and their attack is awesome.
Its a black and white decision!!


Our middle order once more has folded. TGSB - the greates since Bradman - has returned to the ordinary, and ussie and the Marshes have carried on their overseas form. Was the first test a bad one to win? Did we relax? I think not. The first test is the best one to win.
SA are beating our best side because none of our batsman have played well.

I am and will always be Not Trampis

They bat consistently badly when the ball starts to swing!

Via Collins

And you pre-match commentary has proven to be alarming prescient T.

What a schemozzle. Might just co curl up in bed with warm thoughts about how hardy and jolly hockey sticks Paine and Cummins are. And imagine how badly CA are going to manage "the next phase for Australian cricket" (TM).


There was an interesting moment or two earlier, as Cummins got De Kock. SA were six down and 540-odd ahead, but with reports that all three of their new-ball bowlers were injured. There was the chance that if we got the rest quickly that we would be chasing 550-570, a ridiculous total of course, but against a side with only one fit bowler. As it is they put on another 60-odd and everyone’s actually fit enough to bowl (and take wickets), but it did make you wonder whether we could have found the ultimate back door to draw a series for awhile.


3 LBW's doesnt look good. Mind you 10 LBW's would be spectacular.

I am and will always be Not Trampis

Du PLessis deserves 12 months out of the game more than Smith after that disgrace.

Does he want to destroy test cricket?

Tony Tea

What disgrace?

I am and will always be Not Trampis

Batting until he is 600 runs more than us


We hit 1184 runs in total in the last 3 tests, an average of 19.7 runs per wicket. In other words we avaraged 200 runs per innings. Abject failure of the top 6. The bowlers had no hope. Our top 6 for the next test at home may bear little resemblence to the top 6 here. That will be our challenge in the non-sledging era. Finding blokes who can bat. Mind you that is always the challenge in any era.

I am and will always be Not Trampis

A quarter of Philander's victims are aussies. Interesting. He lo ves flat track bullies.

SA have one hell of a team. The best batsman at present plus others that can bat. The best bowling lineup withe the only problem who to replace morkel.


Better late than never. That was a truly fascinating tour. For all sorts of queasy and drop of the jaw reasons.

UAE series will be even more interesting. It will be like watching an Associate team on their uppers play Pakistan. Who can play like an Associate team on their uppers if they are all trying to knife each other like Aus politicians.


Assume no coverge of the Paki series? Just as well with a middle order built on Marshes and debutants, we will assume the worst and hope for the best.

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