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Tony Tea

Faffy sent us in. Fingers, toes and hair crossed we can doog it out without too much early damage.


This is already looking very ugly indeed.

Tony Tea

Rain. Phew.

Tony Tea

Aussie cricket deserves a 0-3 pansting.

Professor Rosseforp

"Pansting" = Stir-fried bees?


Too much IPL and other random fluff seems to have made our blokes forget how to stonewall for a couple of hours.

Or they're just too lazy to grind out an innings Waugh style.


Great bowling from Big Vern on a suitable wicket for him.

So is Lehmann going or what?

Damo Suzuki

What has happened to us?

Bring back Peter Toohey

Tony Tea @AfterGrogBlog
Worst Australian team in my lifetime. Worse even than the mid 80s. #AUSvSA

I thought about long and hard and...I have to agree.

Worst home soil innings since '80s: are Australia's Test batsmen in decline?

The First XI: All-time worst Australian cricket selections


I wonder what the record is for the lowest score by the winning team in an innings victory.

Tony Tea

THERE have probably been quicker Test matches, especially in the good old days, but I can't think of an Aussie loss that happened in less playing time. About two and a third days.


just home from hospital to watch the dismal finish. Aus team needs 300 units of ticker stat!
If confidence can be measured, I dont thenk the meter would scan anything when applied to this team. What happened? Fist day first test against Sri Lanka. Thats where all this started. Is it the fact we havent won a toss for 5 months?
Road to recovery
1. Deimantle high performance unit. A failure.
2. Get rd of half of the coaches of national tream
3. We always play better with as leg spinner. Need to find one real quick
4. Stand back and wait for the wins. Wont start till our summer 2017


"I wonder what the record is for the lowest score by the winning team in an innings victory."

153 according to Ric Finlay


So is Lehmann going or what?

This match shouldn't even be on the List proper. It should have a sub-category all of its own.

Unfortunately, that sub-category would probably then need more sub-categories as I don't expect this run of absurdity and invertebracy (is that a word?) to stop any time soon. Pink test up next.


I meant pink ball, but pink is probably as good a description. Blasted commies the lot of them.

I am and will always be Not Trampis

No ticker at all. i long for the days when the late and great Alan McGilvray would always spout how much the team could depend on the last five in batting.

I go to lunch and the trust is all over!

Useless dorks.


Time for a test team, isolated and focused, as the primary objective of Cricket Australia. The rest can fall in line. ODI and t20 can be cobbled together and focus on world cups. This current travesty must not continue.


Clearly Lyon wont play in Adelaide as Wade's keeping to him a while back cost us about half a dozen wickets if poor memory serves me correctly. Four seamers it is.


I can understand why they've chosen Wade, Sort of, if I hold my breath, close one eye and squint with the other, except that we've got India up in March and you might as well not pick any spin bowlers for that test series if he is the keeper.

He'll trash everything.

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