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Tony Tea

Over three months since I posted. Grim.


Let's face it, the funnier a sledge or it's riposte, the less likely it is that a cricketer from the 70s or 80s uttered it.


Correct decision to completely ignore the Caribbean jaunt. The rest of Australia did.

Tony Tea

How can you take seriously a tri-series without a best-of-three final. UnStrayan.


Botham couldn't have said anything that clever in response either.

Even Sky in the UK ignored the Caribbean jaunt. They'll show anything as a rule.


Welcome back, Tony! I quite enjoyed the Caribbean jaunt, what little of it I saw. The West Indies doing well was certainly refreshing.

My all-time favourite sledge has got to be Eddo Brandes to Glenn McGrath -

McGrath: You're fat! Why are you so fat?
Brandes: Because every time I f*ck your wife she gives me a cookie

.... but apparently it's also bullshit.

Steve Waugh to Curtly in '95 has to rank up there somewhere though, and if Waugh's autobiography is to be believed it actually happened:

Waugh: what are you lookin' at ya big c*nt
Curtly: don't you cuss me, man
Waugh: why don't you go and get f*cked

I mean seriously, he said that to CURTLY AMBROSE. Not someone to mess around with at the best of times. He used to scare the bejesus out of me when I was a kid!

Professor Rosseforp

"The man who stocked the Liberty print valance" would also make a nice fillum.

Raymond Couraud

Allez Antoine! Plus de messages, plus vite, plus vite, allez, allez!

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