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Having watched a bit of it this year, there are serious structural issues with the BBL that prevent it overtaking national cricket. There are several franchises that have always been and look to always be hopeless: the Heat looks like a NEAFL side nowadays, and the Hurricanes aren't much better. The Sydney sides struggle a lot because they are forced for political reasons to warehouse big-name NSW stars who don't contribute by actually playing much at all (Clarke, Smith etc). The Strikers are traditionally carp, as are the Renegades despite impressive names on the rosters. There's often only two big favourites: the Stars, who are your classic home & away bullies who always fall over in the finals, and the Scorchers, who have gone 2-2-1-1 by having a lot of continuity of personnel with a strong focus on local players.

It reminds me a fair bit of the A-League, which similarly will never be as big as the Socceroos. Like the A-League, which will always look poor in comparison to European and even Asian leagues, the BBL will always look like the poor cousin of the IPL. Aussies love the top echelon of sport but we don't have that much time for lower-quality leagues - just look at the NBL (or don't).

Tony Tea

I meant T20 in general. But take your points in the BBL.

And I remember the NBL. Apparently it is making a comeback.


Forget the A-League, BBL or the NBL, the ratings for the WBBL are through the roof, apparently.

Big Ramifications
the ratings for the WBBL are through the roof, apparently

You reminded me of this classic shit-hang on Sociology types. The ones who like sticking their beaks into sporting matters and push their agendas. God that woman sounded exactly like a couple of my "Sociology in Sport" lecturers and tutors. Uncanny.

// I don't like the show BTW, rarely watch it

Big Ramifications

Very soon.

Only followed the tonk-fest for the first time last season and am totally sold. Once all the curmudgeons like me come to the dark side then it's all over. I imagine it was the same with the WSC 50 over ODIs 35 years ago.

Big Ramifications

During the 4th day of the Test.... BORRRRIIING!!.... I changed channels to see if there was any BBL on [I was 1½ hours early].

How good was Maxie and Smarsh's chase yesterday? The radio told me it was the biggest none-for chase in T20 cricket history - first class and international.

Currently watching Haddin getting a real move on, including one into the 2nd tier. An underrated slogger.

And how good have the crowd catches been this season?! Love how the commentators treat them as a big part of the game. Lots of replays and analysis.

Tony Tea

That's a great mark.

I stayed home last night - too old for NYE expeditions - but I managed to miss Travis Head making mincemeat of Sean Abbott.

Big Ramifications

KP, fielding, mic'd up, answered a question or 2 from the commentary box, then added "but what I really want, is for the guy down there to lob a catch to me, because we've all seen him start slow but he can explode."

The very next ball Chris Gayle does EXACTLY THAT. The gentlest of lobbed dolly catches.

Ahh, KP, is there anything he can't do?

Big Ramifications

Pietersen also said something which I hadn't realized because I'd only just started watching.... "Look at the size of this crowd, willya! This is a farking DOMESTIC cricket match. Unbelievable."

I paraphrased.

Commentators are saying 70,000 plus!!

Big Ramifications
....the BBL will always look like the poor cousin of the IPL.

One week can be a long time in cricket, m0nty.

ps: Is it any coincidence that 2 days after I said I was officially on board with T20 format.... 81,000 people turned up to a BBL game?

Big Rammer's mum

It is no coincidence, son.

Tony Tea

If you'd turned up, instead of lounging around at home, it would have been 81,001.


Can't even pretend to be interested in the T20 leagues, IPL/BBL/EPL/SMS/BBQ... whatever, only T20 I might watch is an international match tacked onto a test series (if I remember it's on).

I get the appeal for families and kids and such, but the rate that everyone else has grabbed onto it along with all the 'entertainment' that comes with it speaks volumes about todays society having the attention span of a goldfish, shit, we had one day cricket and apparently that's too long now!

Give me five days of good, hard, gritty test cricket any day of the week. Aus vs. South Africa/England/New Zealand... ok I'll add India even if I do despise them, can't think of anyone else who could realistically give us a run at home just at the minute, Pakis could be interesting if they manage to hold it together for a few days.

Professor Rosseforp

"Give me five days of good, hard, gritty test cricket any day of the week" -- Vindicate, if the rain keeps up, you will have had your 5 days of cricket in 1 day of the week.


There's a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe the Windies at the moment, gritty doesn't spring to mind.

Big Ramifications

I want to be a WBBL umpire. How hard could it be?

I've watched a few games this season. What gets me is that the ladies don't seem to TRY and go the tonk. It's very annoying.

The only explanation I can think of is that with female body strength and anatomy, the bowler has a greater advantage than the batter compared to the blokes.

Either that explanation or: women's sport is crap. And we can't be having that because that's sexist. #illdrinkwithyou

Tony Tea

Shamish McLachlan needs to be banned from playing in all future Big Bashes.

Big Ramifications

Loving how they let off too many fireworks at the Renegades vs. Stars match and it's so smoky and everyone is standing around "what do we do?!"

Great work by a mic'd up KP telling his opening batters NOT face up until they are happy with conditions.

Big Rammer's mum



Big Ramifications

How funny was Andre Russell's hit-wicket dismissal?


Big Ramifications

That was quite the flogging the Scorchers got last night. I'm so used to blokes like David Willey coming in after a mini-collapse to steady the ship. Even at 4 for not-much I thought Perth were still a fair chance.

Really impressed how they went about it with their bowling. There were times when you thought the Stars were about to cut loose, but the Scorchers kept the scoreboard pressure on with regular wickets. The Stars had 5 players that reached double figures, all with intimidating strike rates, but their top score was 36.

Brad Hogg in happier times.

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