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Doc Tydon

Kanye's Test batting record so far.

Tour averages.

Series averages

Doc Tydon

Not on Twitter so I cannot vot in your poll but my answer would be "new Don Bradman".

Posted 3 links to Kanye's Test batting averages but they must have gone through to the spam folder.

Big Ramifications

His Test average for his last 16 innings is almost 91.


Big Ramifications

Martin Crowe had a PURPLE patch of 22 innings where he was averaging just shy of 70.


Big Ramifications

And who can forget the proclamations of "Our Don" Hussey about 8 years ago? His purple patch happened at the start of his career, so no need to cherry pick a clump of "in form" innings as per the 2 gents above.... he averaged almost 85 runs in his first 33 innings.

Mike Hussey early 2008 is the only Don comparison that had the slightest waft of a whiff of truth about it.

Q: What Did Bradman do whenever he saw an unattended hat?

A: He donned it.

That's how he got his nickname "The Don". Notorious fedora thief, he was.


Any professional journalist making comparisons of a modern-day player to Bradman is really lazy. It always boils down to ridiculous cherry-picking of statistics; any number of good players have purple patches when they average very highly. You can't possibly compare someone who played in the 30's and 40's to someone now either, so it's totally meaningless anyway. That said, I guess I'm preaching to the choir around here on both those points.

That's not to say that Williamson isn't the real deal, though. Didn't see any of his second dig, but the 140 in the first was the best knock I've seen for awhile. Hope he continues to do well. My one concern for him would be how many Tests he gets to play, New Zealand being New Zealand. A three-Test series here is an improvement on the norm, though - or at least a two-Test series with an exhibition match at the end, whatever.

More interesting than the Bradman comparisons is maybe the rise of the wunderkind batsman. Smith, Root, Williamson, and you could throw De Villiers in there as well, even though he's been around a good while longer. It's a bit like the eighties when there were the big four all-rounders. Of the current crop, I'd rather watch Williamson bat than the others - technically correct, and more pleasing on the eye.


PS, and maybe it'll read like a contradiction, but - when did we become so patronising and smug about our bowling? Kane Williamson is better because he has to face Johnson & Co.? I thought our efforts with the ball were reasonable this Test, but we were expensive, and at times looked really ordinary - Hazlewood concerns me in particular. A match where we score fewer runs, eg every time it mattered during the Ashes, and we've got real cause for concern there.

Big Ramifications

G'day Carrot! Do you still have an agenda? :)


whats the point of The Don comparo. Why not start at a more reasonable level. Is he the new Martin Crowe? Discuss


Hey Rammers - yes, ha ha, still a puppet for the BCCI here..... 😊

I guess the point of the Don comparison is to get everyone excited and read the articles. And then anyone with any sense reads something like "between his 17th and 32nd Test, xyz player averaged as much as the Don in the third innings when his side batted first!!!!" and realises that it's bullshit. Comparisons with Crowe are more relevant, as are discussions about all runs in all formats, which is actually discussed.

Tony Tea

Second to One: While you got it, flaunt it.


Punter had a phenomenal record back then, I had forgotten. An average of pushing 60 after 106 Tests - wowee! Maybe it didn't feel as special then when there were others doing the same in Tendulkar, Dravid, and Kallis - and Hussey too, obviously. Funny to think that both Dravid and Ponting's records were comparably much more modest by the time they retired, albeit still both very, very good.

Call me Patricia

But wait! A new challenger appears: Could Zoya Thakur, 11, be our Donna Bradman?

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