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Tony Tea

Ryno, knee soreness, could be doing the selectors a favour vis-a-vis tough decisions for Cardiff.


Lyon, Johnson, Starc, Hazlewood, and last chance Watto FTW.


Ryno - all part of the cunning plan. Was never going to play in Cardiff - flat wicket. Bring him on at Lords fresh as a daisy, or as a Ryno eating a daisy


Warner Smith Clark Haddin Starc Hazelwood all from NSW. Lyon and Watson play for NSW. Whats out history with Australian teams packed with NSW players. Will certainly add perspective to strong NSW = strong Australia hyperbole. If it exists.


Awfully flat wicket. Let's hope our blokes get to bat a second time. Starc didn't bowl at all well... even Jim Maxwell who is usually highly pro-Aussie when in mixed company was having some trouble keeping up the 'fantastic Aussies doing fantastic things fantastically all the time' routine during his commentary stints.


Starting to look like 05...aging champions, New Brittania, gun English all rounder...but you'd have to wonder whether Broad and Anderson have it in them


And there goes Harris. Bugger.

Tony Tea

Say it ain't so, Rhyno. I guess we knew he was on his last leg.


Sat down and thrashed out the best XI with a mate over a few glasses of wine tonight. Here goes:



Re: Watson, yes, I know. We both agreed that he's more of a defensive selection than anything else, but an important one nonetheless. When we're doing well he doesn't bowl and scores meaningless twenties and thirties. But when we're not he provides a really great holding option with the ball that Mitch Marsh just can't provide yet. I'm convinced that Watson is the sort of player that we drop at our peril.

Both Marsh brothers miss out. Can't see either of them playing unless we start losing. Both are heirs apparent to Rogers and Watson's roles, though.

Voges has to play. Funnily enough he could be a medium-term replacement for Clarke over the next 2-3 years too, who I'm convinced will retire pretty soon.

Most likely to be dropped: Haddin. Has been on borrowed time for awhile, and Nevil's first-class record can't be ignored. Again though, Haddin will probably keep playing no matter what happens if we do well. Similarly to Watson, things could get interesing if we're one down after two and he hasn't performed, though.

The Mongrel

Sorry for Ryno, but at least it allows the subbies at Crookinfo to run headlines on the Battle of Wounded Knee. Never gets stale.

Worth doing the interactive quiz at Crooky on The 27 Club. Ryno is in unexpectedly exalted company. Here are a few to go on with:
Bill O'Reilly - only having England and SA to play against, plus a war obviously limited the number of games
Darren Lehmann - at least he can speak from experience when he commiserates with Ryno
Colin Croft
Wayne Phillips
Bruce Reid - another injury-prone bowler
Bill Voce
Bob Cowper


Cummins hasnt played a first class game for 2 years. Is a few world cup overs enough to push him into the next bowling slot on an Ashes tour? Other contenders?
Ryno - go well young man, played strong as Gibbo would have said.


CA have invested in Cummins, so it's natural that when he gets injured they want it to be in a test match, rather than some pointless domestic comp.

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