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What a cunning stunt.

Big Ramifications

I haven't heard it yet. Was it a Gerard Healy type "accident"?

Big Ramifications

I'm still not sure enough about Healy's effort, whether to call it deliberate or not. So many levels of intrigue.

1. Huddo's reaction looked genuine. It took an appropriate amount of time for it to click and then for him to react. Didn't make the rookie mistake of coming in too soon.

2. But on the other hand.... 0:01s into the clip and Huddo suddenly cracks a huge shit-eating grin. With 0:04s still to go until the C-bomb he starts chuckling away to himself. What's so funny, Huddo?

3. But why would Healy even need to give Huddo and Chucklehead a heads-up? It might be a bet with his buddies at 3AW, or anyone for that matter.

4. Get a load of Frawley's reaction. Nobody's home. Went over his head at Airbus A380 cruising altitude.

So many levels.

Tony Tea

BJ looked suitably puzzled, embarrassed, what-the-hell-did-I-just-say? I don't think anyone noticed, you know I think I might just have got away with it, oh who am I kidding, fuck.

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