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Will the 'Rogers to jail' micro teacup storm be as good at destabilizing him as the 'Morgan/barmaid' beat up was at the WC?


Apparently not

Tony Tea

In the scheme of Sportsman Go Bad, Rogers' bagatelle hardly Lance Armstrong meets OJ.

Tony Tea

Of course, that won't stop someone from accusing him of being the worst person in the history of the world, and demanding an apology.

Big Ramifications

If I batted at that ground I bet I would smash a few over the tree.

Big Ramifications

I had a brain freeze and was Googling to see if I'd used the word "cherubic" correctly in a sentence when I came across this Joe Root dedication. Love the ass shots.

It appears to be a very sexist site, treating male cricketers as pieces of meat to be ogled at.

Tony Tea

I used to play on a small field ringed by trees. Hitting the tree on the full was a six, even though several trees encroached a long way onto the field. I hit numerous sixes which would not have carried the "square" at the MCG. I was even caught once, but the ball had barely clipped a leaf and the fieldsman was too honest, so I carried on batting.


M Marsh joins Watto. Watto crawling. Marsh crunches some 4's...and Watto out caught. Psych

Tony Tea

Smith retired to make sure Hunn could not get 10 wickets.


That article went a bit Python towards the end there, Mister Belpit.

Tony Tea

Yes. I'm more than happy to be compared to M. Snake.


Well, Watson seems determined to not quite score as many runs as Mitch Marsh in this warm-up but he'll still maintain his spot, bless him and his beaten down demeanour.

That Ashes wouldn't be the same with that big eejit and Badhands letting balls fly between them while they stare at each other in a puzzled manner.

Tony Tea

Who was the fast bowler in the Kent match with the, ahem, less than fluid action?

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