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A Brave New Scot

Born in Scotland of Pakistani descent, ...

How many "Born in Pakistan of Scotland descent" are playing for Pakistan?

Answer: Always tougher when you're in the minority! #colour #race

A Brave New Scot

When they're playing this in Karachi as the Paki national team goes on I'll say all's square.

Minority Deport. Nice one.

Tony Tea

Step into my office, Majid.


George Bailey '#illridewithyoumajid'

A Brave New Scot

Ha ha haaaa, top song and video, Tones.

Nice one too, Nick. #OrdinaryThingsAreOffensive

A Brave New Scot

Yasin: "Even after taking eight wickets for under 100, Australia are giving away runs at five runs an over. Worrying signs for them ahead of crucial stage of WC."

Yes, they must be most perturbed. #CantWaitToDestroyIndia

A Brave New Scot

Riposte: After failing to get Zimbabwe all out for less than 280 India must have a bad case of Delhi Belly about the quarters by now.

A Brave New Scot

Saving this one up for our deconstruction of India at the SCG. #WannabeInSyderney

A Brave New Scot

Damn, the final's at the MCG, will work on another in the interim. (Note, Kiwis don't even factor in to calculations.)

A Brave New Scot

India 2/21. Wups.

A Brave New Scot

9/130 after the rain break. It's only appropriate.

A Brave New Scot

All out for 130. Scotland the Brave.

A Brave New Scot

I mean that and it wasn't sarcasm or belittling. I hope they rid their mighty nation of the refuse that's been thrust upon them.

A Brave New Scot

India 4/92. Hope no one gets caught on right on the boundary and it's match determining.

Oz? Cruising.

Tony Tea

I've wanted to use this for years, so I suppose a match against Scotland is as good as any time: "What's your name? Mac Fuck?"

A Brave New Scot

3/92 vs 4/104.

A Brave New Scot

Lolz. I've been there many a time, even with the audio to mouth lack of synchronicity.

A Brave New Scot

Rained out games are costing Oz. What a stupid format.

Tony Tea

Stands to reason, since the tournament is heading into the middle of winter.

A Brave New Scot

Brydon Coverdale @brydoncoverdale
Umpires are out in the middle inspecting the ground. Blue sky overhead. Positive signs. #cwc15 #ausvsco

Don't let that fool ya, he's just biding his time to shove a eulogy down our throats.

A Brave New Scot

For Brydon, watching the stars, in the quarters. Nothing atonal and all tonal.

A Brave New Scot

That's the cricket then. India 4/288 and Oz 3/133.

4 is a death number. 2 x 4 is 8 and 88 is double death and 22 x death. 88 is also an auspicious number when it comes to WN which also has Indian aryan antecedents. it is one off 1488 which is the highest number in WN.

333 is 3 cubed to 9 = perfection.

3 is triune. And 9 is the 9 worthies.

Now I am off to play Klub Keno.


Was there any discussion about the change of batting order?

Tony Tea

Nope. Well, excluding Watson, of course.


I wonder what the thinking was behind it. I quite like the idea of Clarke opening though, and Warner in at four-ish. A middle-order with the likes of Warner, Watson and Maxwell, with Faulkner and Haddin somewhere in the mix, could be something to behold. The final stages of a World Cup is not the time to be tinkering though - presumably they'll go back to Plan A against the Pakistornis. That'll be a slugfest for sure, and not one for the bowlers.

Tough on Ireland to get knocked out after beating two Test sides. They're not ever going to get far with that seam attack, though. They missed Murtagh. I wonder whether Rankin will be back soon- it's less than a year until he can play for them again.

Rabbi Shlomo

I apologise to anyone in the Rabbinate, the Jewish community and the wider Australian community who may have been embarrassed or ashamed by my views, words, understandings, recordings or emails about child sexual abuse or any other matter.

Roger Murtagh


Wicket Don

That's not at all true how can u judge people without knowing them.


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