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Of course, he could have gone pig hunting with Simmo, or speared a few dogs with Warnie.

speared a few dogs with Warnie

I presume that is some heteronormative euphemism.

Tony Tea

Shed's the nickname "Warne dog" in a new light.

A Brave New World

There's more: Brett Lee implicated in Glenn McGrath hunting scandal: Retired cricketer Brett Lee is the latest scalp claimed in the Glenn McGrath hunting scandal.

I don't understand this at all. In what way is McGarth hunting and shooting animals a scandal? How does Lee hunting a deer, presumably he did, be construed as a scalp?

The only problem I can detect is that McGrath apologised for doing something perfectly legal, which indicates he has some ethical problem with what he did. I don't know why he would have a problem with it and hope that Lee does not make a similar apology.

I haven't done any shooting since I was a boy but am looking forward to getting back into it this year and hope to take my kids on some pig shooting trips. What's to apologise for?

A Brave New World

Just read some of the moronic tweets which apparently constitutes news these days.

Grief can be brutal and bewildering but does it make you want to shoot elephants for fun? Poor apology, Glenn McGrath

Answer: Hunting is like going for a bushwalk. It's good exercise in the outdoors and you have the added bonus of carrying a weapon with which you can shoot animals with. It takes one's mind off less important things and refreshes one's outlook on life.

Greens NSW @GreensNSW
.@McGrathFdn Why would you kill an elephant Glenn McGrath? Absolutely despicable.

Because it is fun, that's why.

Tony Tea

We appreciate the apology from Glenn McGrath: Elephants’ relatives.

A Brave New World

McGrath could have easily referenced facts in support of the benefits of hunting to conservation efforts such as this:

Trophy Hunting Can Help African Conservation, Study Says

The southern white rhinoceros grew from just 50 animals a century ago to over 11,000 wild individuals today, because hunts gave game ranchers a financial incentive to reintroduce the animal, the authors write.

Trophy hunting has also driven the reintroduction of cape mountain zebra and black wildebeest in South Africa, Lindsey said.

Hunters typically take just 2 to 5 percent of males annually from hunted animal populations, he added, which has a negligible effect on the populations' reproductive health.

But we are dealing with the same green groups whose policies with regard our national parks have created the situation today where bushfires are now massive and uncontrollable ensuring the destruction of the environment, so of course facts don't matter.

Tony Tea

Somehow I don't think Pidge was thinking conservation when he wrote "I'm keen to get into trophy hunting, no animal in particular, but a big safari in Africa would be great."


If only McGrath had shot less elephants and more Greens the world would be a better place.

Professor Rosseforp

Glenn McGrath is a country boy, and from what I can gather, country boys are at least aware of a lot of hunting of wild animals, in a way that city slickers such as myself are not. They may see animals slaughtered or at least see the carcasses of animals they know, prepared for sale and consumption.
I've never been interested in shooting animals, but can see that if you were brought up in that environment, shooting really big animals would count as really big fun.
The activity is legal, it seems, and lots of people do it.
No apology necessary, unless he has had a genuine change of heart about killing animals.


'...haven't done any shooting since I was a boy but am looking forward to getting back into it this year...'

Lakemba and Bankstown are, apparently, target rich environments.

Tony Tea

Yes, Prof, McGrath grew up in the country shooting pigs and, I suppose, road signs. But wanting to go to Africa to shoot elephants and lions and rhinos is another kettle of beasties entirely.

Tony Tea

Oh, and Cameron. What sort of fat headed comment is that? Pull yer 'ead in, pal?

Professor Rosseforp

Tony, I think shooting animals is a waste of life, time and money.
I know Indian people from the sub-continent who grew up in a huntin' shootin' fishin' milieu, and they still love the idea of hunting parties to kill wild animals.
Others think differently, and see pig shooting, roo shooting, rabbit shooting etc as a form of pest control. I can understand that they have no moral or ethical dilemma with killing animals ; if you work in an abattoir, it's just a job. Some people like the social part of shooting, others like the excitement of bouncing around in a ute, others like handling weapons that are designed to feel good when you pick them up. No doubt there are some others with psychopathic tendencies who enjoy killing living animals.
Given that you might want to legally kill animals, the big game is in Africa, and that's where you go to kill them.
I would prefer they take a more even-handed approach, and perhaps tackle the problem of urban grizzly bears and polar bears in North America -- preferably armed with a knife rather than a gun to really add some excitement -- but this may say something of my own psychopathic tendencies.
The original point still stands though: why apologise if you don't feel bad about it? And how bad a time do you have to have to want to kill another creature? I size of the animal relate to the size of the personal problem? Most of us have been though awful times ; most of us are more compassionate because of it, and most don't start killing things because of it.
Here endeth the sermon.


Shooting feral animals, especially non-native, is perfectly fine and should be encouraged. I look forward to engaging in such with my own son one day, never did me no harm as part of my country upbringing nosirree golly gee.

Shooting endangered species in their native habitat is not cool. In fact, it's not on. Just not on. A country lad should have more respect for the land than that.


'Shooting feral animals, especially non-native, is perfectly fine and should be encouraged.'

My point exactly.

Big Ramifications


Big Ramifications

The way downward is easy from Avernus.
Black Dis' door stands open night and day.
But to retrace your steps to heaven’s air,
There is the trouble, there is the toil.

Poor old Glenn.

Big Rammer's mum

That quote doesn't actually work in this example, son.

You just wanted to say something poseurish, didn't you?


Why were the pics released? Apparently it had something to do with the McGrath foundations withdrawing sponsorship from greyhound racing after live baiting scandal, where small animals were used to lure bigger animals. I dont know if this is irony or extortion. Either way, its not news, ts just the usual weekly VIP caught with their pants downepisode. Next week it will be something else

Tony Tea

Food for tort:

A Brave New World

I was enjoying the Kate Jennings review you linked, Easter Egg style, in your comment, Rammers, till the moment came, inevitably:

The differences: increasing awareness that the men cracking a few cold ones often go home and thump the wife and kids.

Ah, yes, the perennial favourite of the inner Puritan, Oz Style: alcohol causes problems. If only we could ban alcohol everything would be grand and life would become, like our estimation of our alcohol-free selves; wonderful.

We'll let the always correlated "mateship = repressed homosexuality" trope slip. But we will note what Jennings said of herself:

...I’m a recovering alcoholic. Last drink: 7 August 1982. I don’t need anyone to tell me how easy it is to descend into hell, how hard to get out.

This is the way Oz works: I had a problem with something. I eliminated that something and now I must campaign to have that something banned for everyone.

What came first: the Puritan or the alcoholic? I would suggest that alcoholism for a great many of our British descended overlords is a self-medicating response to their inner Puritan. That inner Puritan is partly genetic, partly environmental. The Puritan, rather than come to terms with their true inner demon, that being their hatred of themselves, attacks instead the medicine they used to temporarily relieve them from their daily pain; alcohol.

For alcohol gave them relief from themselves, but also set up a cycle of self-hatred and relief from self-hatred which came to be given a nomenclature in the pantheon of Puritan Demons: alcoholism.

What they suffered from everyone else must also suffer from. It is ipso facto and nothing else can be entered into on the subject. That thousands of years of history or hundreds of other cultures attest to the benefits of drinking, or different approaches to drinking that do not result in alcoholism is a lie, wrong and evil. It's not for nothing that G. K. Chesterton predicted the coming together of the British elite and Moslem practices in his work "The Flying Inn". It's not for nothing that that association has come to fruition today. Because at the root of both peoples is a self-hatred that manifests itself in a hatred of all mankind. And those things that gave them relief from their self-hatred could not be approached in any other way but that of a reformed drug addict proselytizing about the evils of drugs rather than the evil of themselves. And for their evil, everyone else must suffer under the guise of the Puritan/Moslem's sanctimonious morality.

Anyway, I must be off to work and will finish her review later.

A Brave New World

And right on time comes Tones to prove my point:

Tony Tea @AfterGrogBlog
@_HelenDale @DavidLeyonhjelm I'm sure there're reasons for conservation hunting, but I cannot conceive of wanting to kill an elephant.

See, if Tones can't conceive of something then there must be no legitimate reason for it existing.

A Brave New World

Tony Tea @AfterGrogBlog
@DavidLeyonhjelm @_HelenDale Agreed on the BC charity. But shooting an elephant is even more ultimate in idiocy.

Shooting an elephant is the ultimate in idiocy?

This needs some explanation. What is it about shooting an elephant that makes it the ultimate in idiocy, Tones? What are your thoughts on Halal practices when it comes to slaughtering animals?

Tony Tea

Biggy, if you want to quote the Aeneid, do it it Latin:

Facilis descensus Averno;
noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis;
sed revocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras,
hoc opus, hic labor est.

Easy is the descent from (crater lake) Avernus; (the path to hell is easy;)
Pluto's gloomy door is open days and nights; (dance with the devil anytime you want, sizzlechest;)
but to retrace the stairs and to escape to the airs, (but to dig yourself out of the shit and recover your reputation,)
this is work, this is labour. (that's the hard part.)

In short, I think you may be onto something. McGrath has dug a hole for himself, and it remains to be seen whether his reputation is sullied in perpetuum.

Tony Tea

"See, if Tones can't conceive of something then there must be no legitimate reason for it existing."

You're extrapolating between the lines and jumping to confusions, no doubt on purpose. I don't like killing elephants, but I can see that it needs to be done sometimes, but by experts, not by a thrill seeking fat-headed Aussie cricketer. "Conservation hunting" is just post hoc cover to try to legitimise big game slaughter.

You're confusing my opinions on hunting with my opinions on alcohol.

A Brave New World

What does it matter if the elephant is killed by "a thrill seeking fat-headed Aussie cricketer" as opposed to "experts"?

What's more, what makes you think thrill seeking fat-headed Aussie cricketers can't be experts in killing elephants?

I am not trying to stir the pot here, I actually wrote the grog related commented prior to reading your tweets but immediately saw the correlation.

I just asked one of daughters that when we go hunting what animals wouldn't she kill. Her answer was dogs. Fair enough, doesn't seem human to not love dogs. So I asked, "What about rabbits?" and she said yep, she doesn't like rabbits. What about pigs? Yep, that's good too.

"What about an elephant?" I asked. "No!" came the emphatic reply.

I guess some things rear large in our imaginations as being more deserving of life than other things. Like that buffalo that Pidge brought down. I'm sure his mrs and kids weren't too happy, probably mooing in sadness across the plains at their loss as Pidge sat triumphant over his carcass. Doesn't anyone care about the buffalo?

Ah, but the Elephant's of our childhood imaginations conjures up Colonel Hathi and the Saggy Baggy Elephant too big for his skin, who would dare kill them?

As a thousand heifers are slaughtered daily, pretty painlessly if done right with a captive bolt and screened from their demise, we too are screened from their demise so that's alright. Doen at the Halal slaughterhouse there is no captive bolt but their practices ensure a live kill so that the animal bleeds out consciously. But, that too is screened from our eyes so again, it's alright.

But that elephant is the humpback whale of our youthful dreams of justice and humanity. What sort of person would kill a whale? we ask ourselves as we eat our tuna or salmon sarnies.

A Brave New World

On topic, I love this story and it is apropos:

There’s a wonderful Indian story of a young man who was told by his guru, "You are Brahman. You are God." What a thing to experience! "I am God." So, deeply indrawn, this young man goes out for a walk. He walks through the village, goes out into the country. And coming down the road is a great elephant, with the howdah on top, and the driver on his head. And the young man, thinking "I am God. I am God," does not get out of the way of the elephant. The mahout shouts, "Get out of the way, you lunatic!" The young man hears him and looks and sees the elephant, and he says to himself, "I am God and the elephant is God. Should God get out of the way of God?" And of course the moment of truth arrives when the elephant suddenly wraps his trunk around him and tosses him off the road.

The young man goes back to his guru in a disheveled condition – not physically hurt, but psychologically in shock. The guru sees him and asks, "Well, what happened to you?"

The young man tells him his story and then says, "You told me that I was God."

"And so you are."

"The elephant is God."

"And so it is."

"Well, then, should God get out of the way of God?"

"But why didn’t you listen to the voice of God shouting from the head of the elephant?"

Joseph Campbell.

Professor Rosseforp

A tweet from David Leyonhjelm, MP?
That is coming up in the world! To be told to STFU by him would indicate that he may not end up with a diplomatic posting when his parliamentary career is over.

A Brave New World

A tweet from David Leyonhjelm, MP?
That is coming up in the world!

Below is a Leyonhjelm Twitter masterpiece in reply to self described "GAY ACTIVIST GARY BURNS" who had emailed Leyonhjelm the following:

Dear Senator’s Leyonjhelm and Bernardi,
If you two Un-Australian pathetic little turds are not happy with our multi-cultural Australian society why don’t you pack up your Mrs.and the kids and “ f ** k off ” out of our country.
There is no such thing as free speech in Australia.
If you two dangerous hate mongering bastards were to publish images ridiculing Muslims or Jews on the internet contemptuously it would be an unlawful act under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. ( NSW ).
According to you two incongruous imbeciles it would be free speech to incite hatred against the Australian Jewish & Muslim Communities.
Over my dead body !
“ Mr.Turnbull these men are dangerous to our tolerant Australia because they want the right to incite hatred in the guise of “free speech”.
It’ll be those two “bigots “ in the end doing the suffering and not our minority Australians.
What these dickhead’s preach is no better then Hitler because intolerance & hate damages our society’s decency.
The Commonwealth Liberal Government of Australia is dangerous and must be replaced by the Australian people because it’s a dangerous government.
Warm regards,
Garry Burns
Anti-Discrimination Campaigner & Public Interest Litigant.

On 13 Jan 2015, at 2:15 pm, Leyonhjelm, David (Senator) wrote:
Dear Gary

Go fuck yourself you communist turd.

David Leyonhjelm
Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW
Parliament House (02) 6277 3054
Electorate Office (02) 9719 1078; 1300 884 092

Looks like Tones has joined an exclusive club.

A Brave New World

Ha, great comment here:

Colette 2 hours ago
Maybe he should start working as an abortionist. That seems much more acceptable, at least on social media.

As a mate of mine said, "Ya gotta be careful, some of those fetuses fight back."


what if we all posted things on social media and nobody read them


'I don't like killing elephants'

lol, fag.


I'm with Brave New Pat on this one, I don't understand why people create a fuss about particular animals being killed for sport, food, pest control, or other reasons - yet don't create such a fuss about others.
For example, whales and the Japanese wanting to hunt them for food. I wish they'd just drop the 'scientific whaling' charade and tell the greenies straight up: "Yep, we like eating whale and international law says we're allowed to hunt them, so go hug a tree or something." I guess that may be a little forthright for them though.
My two cents worth is this, if it's done for legitimate reasons (restaurant cuisine is legitimate), within international law, and are not causing danger to the species survival - hunt away!

Why do people go bananas about whale hunting yet nobody gives two shits about the tons of ugly yet delicious crustaceans hauled out of the ocean on a daily basis? Are we discriminating against crabs and crays because they're not beautiful, noble looking creatures like whales are? That's specist!

For what it's worth I go hunting a couple of times a year with my brother in law, generally spotlight shooting for rabbits or foxes (feral animals so no problems there), and roos if we have a licence to cull. They're also pretty good eating.
If an animal is still alive after we've downed it we put a .22 in the back of its head, we don't believe in leaving an animal to suffer a slow painful death - sadly not all shooters apply the same uncommon sense.

Big Rammer's mum
In short, I think you may be onto something. McGrath has dug a hole for himself, and it remains to be seen whether his reputation is sullied in perpetuum.

I think my son Sizzlechest, as you so delightfully call him, is only ½ correct.

Yes, the door to the Underworld [Dis] is always open. Glenn managed that part nicely.

But "retracing one's steps to heaven's air" refers to an internal battle for redemption, not a battle to win over the public's approval [that is, of course, assuming that KILLING LARGE WILD ANIMALS is a vice that heaven would not approve of].

Please stop encouraging him, Mr. Tea.

Big Ramifications

Thanks a lot, mum.

In Cambodia, for $500 USD, the army will let you shoot a cow with an RPG. Then there's 100 machine gun rounds to finish off the poor beastie if you don't kill her first time.

IIRC Thailand was offering a similar service with a buffalo. But there was an INTERNATIONAL FUROR, and the King intervened to nix it.


On the third of January, near the door of his lodgings, Nietzsche saw a cabman whipping a horse. He threw his arms around the animal's neck and burst into tears, marking first hour of his madness.

Big Ramifications

I can only assume the ICC powerbrokers know what they're doing, but, since I don't have a pay TV / internet streaming service I've almost lost interest in this World Cup. I was much more involved with the BBL only a few months ago, bastard child and all.

It's been suggested by many people that yanking basketball from free-to-air TV is what killed the NBL in this country.

2007-2008: 13 teams, including 1 from Singapore
2009-2010: 8 teams, 2 marquee teams folded, the entire league almost folded, NBL making huge financial concessions, practically BEGGING some teams to stay in the league, pay cuts for players and coaches

Now if that's not a fall from grace then I don't know what is.

OTOH, the digital age has moved incredibly quickly for content providers in that time. Prices down, choices up. Maybe I'm just a dinosaur and it's time to get with the program?

Big Ramifications

No doubt my interest will arc up come the finals. When Australia is playing more than 1 game per fortnight.

Tony Tea

I've got Foxtel, but I just can't be bothered watching.

Big Ramifications


Internet provider with Foxtel tacked on, or pay TV? I believe there is a difference[?].

My mate gets Foxtel thru his ISP and he watches it via his X-box. Don't know what the hell is going on there....

Big Ramifications

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains
And the women come out to cut up what remains
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier

Rowdy Rudyard Kipling

Can one of you witty key-strokers please change my poem for the occasion.

Maybe change "women" to "death bowlers" and "rifle" to "Grey Nicolls"[?].

Tony Tea

You wrote it, you fix it, empire boy.


Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection
Send my credentials to the House of Detention


'...I don't have a pay TV...'

lol, prole

A Brave New World

Here's a true story:

I was once coming home from a day of woe, at the age of 18, having been inducted to the world of employment and after several beers made my way on the non-subterranean rail network, I fell asleep. And outside of Yagoona station i awoke, like Kubla Khan ERECT! and burst my way through the train doors rolling down the platform like a ninja only to find myself on Birrong Station and going down down down the end of the station ramp.

Arising with bloody knes and ripped shirt I made my way to the Hume Highway. A long way from home in my stupour never having a thought for days of youth and the same journey I put my thumb in the air. I got this lift from a bikie and he had a soundtrack:

It went exactly like this.

He dropped me off at Johnson Road, Bass Hill.

Best ride I ever had, and I walked through the park and suddenly came upon these three elephants eating hay in the field. Right there right up front they were. I could have touched them, but I didn't.

They were from a travelling circus and they seemed happy enough without my input.

After staring at them for a while I made my home and had a fight with my Dad in the kitchen.

A Brave New World

That was not a gay awakening story, btw, though it suddenly seems to read like that.

I just remember that bike ride and dazedly finding three elephants on my way home.

Professor Rosseforp

Elephants in Bass Hill is certainly a bizarre occurrence, probably more so than fishing for bass in Elephant Hill.
I wonder if one of the pachyderms was Anna the Killer elephant? http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/news/national/new-life-looms-for-arna-the-killer-circus-elephant/2008/01/11/1199988537108.html
Glenn McGrath would have found a simpler way of dealing with the problem of Anna.

Tony Tea

Doubtless McGrath, in dealing with Anna, would have been helping elephants.

Professor Rosseforp

Despite wanting to shoot her anyway for the previous 2 years


People want to shoot an elephant for the same reason they want to catch a shark, the thrill of danger, even if it's illusory.


WTF is this shit? Zims and Ireland have a ripper of a match and it can't be found anywhere on TV, why the hell do I even buy foxtel anymore?

Luck of the Oirish wins out anyway.

Tony Tea

It was on my Foxtel.


Where are my false teeth?

A Brave New World

Since Vindicate mentions the Ireland vs Zimbabwe match here I'd like to make a few comments on the commentary of that excellent matchup and game.

Here was an Associate member of the International Cricket Council (Ireland) up against a full member of the International Cricket Council (Zimbabwe). They'd played 5 ODIs in the past with Zims winning 3, Ireland 1 and 1 tie.

Being a full member of the ICC means:

...eight times as much funding [as an associate], Test status, and a far more bountiful fixture list: last year Australia and South Africa visited Zimbabwe for a tri-series.


While the ICC demands accountability for every dime it gives to associate members, the Zimbabwe Cricket Union is free to spend its $7 million (€6.45 million) annual handout however it pleases.

Even with such sums, Zimbabwe has been riddled by player complaints about being remunerated inadequately and not at all.

On top of that Ireland have one of their best batsmen ever produced in Eoin Morgan captaining England, and one of their best quicks in Boyd Rankin in the England mix for Tests and ODIs.

So, given all that and the near rule that the commentary always barracks for the underdogs, guess who Sumptuous and some fat-headed Kiwi went overboard for as Zimbabwe were seemingly easily chasing down the Ireland par score? That's right, Zimbabwe.

Fat-headed Kiwi (FHK), who is probably a neo-calvinist (as most South Seas Scots are), was almost apoplectic with rage when Mooney caught Williams almost literally, almost, on the rope. FHK was adamant that Mooney had slightly and barely touched the rope, asserting this over and over with each replay even though each replay could offer nothing to back up his contention. Sumptuous seemed overwhelmed by the ferocity of FHK's indignation and could only repeatedly offer some "Ummm, I'm not sure he did" and "errr, he may have touched it though the replay doesn't help".

FHK kept bringing it up throughout the remaining overs.

The 49th over, with Ireland at last looking to be home and hosed brought howls of jubilation from FHK and Sumptuous as the muppet Mupariwa bashed K. O'Brien around the ground setting up a last over 7 from 6 required (if I recall that score correctly).

FHK seemed so insistent that an injustice of the proportions of the massacres of White South Africans and Zimbabweans at the hands of government sponsored thugs had been done and about to be overcome, that he himself was about to invade the pitch, Fat Cat Richie style, and personally back slap every Zim at hand.

Sumptuous offered ooohs and ahhs in support, with drippings of odes to Zimbabwe cricket and their rightful resurgence into the sanctified halls of international cricket.

All were left flat and despairing when the mighty Cusack, ex-Brisbanite and ex-Ashgrove school student (Cam informs me, Ashgrove High or Marist I don't know) brought a sudden end to the premature ejaculations with an almost ritual beheading. He finished with 4/32 with an economy of 3.36 on a day/night when two 300 plus scores were posted. Easily man-of-the-match, but it went to Joyce.

Wikipedia informs me that "Cusack is an Irish family name of Norman origin, originally from Cussac in Guienne (Aquitaine), France.[1] The surname died out in England, but is common in Ireland, where it was imported at the time of the Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century.

While not a particularly common name, Cusack is historically associated with a number of variant forms, such as de Cussac, de Cusack, de Ciusak, de Cíosóg, de Ci'omhso'g, Mac Iosog, and Mac Isog.

But I digress.

To top off the the despairing smug that FHK, Sumptuous and co were feeling in came Nasser Hussain to interview, strike that, interrogate the Ireland captain about "that catch" implying that it should have been six and Ireland should have lost and that Ireland are a bunch of lucky cunts who should have their land stolen with Moslems supplanted as land onwers to which the Irish should pay rent and send their potatoes to England to shore up their export economy, the Irish can starve for all Hussain could care.

Wikipedia reliably informs me that Hussein (/huːˈseɪn/; also spelled Husein, Husain, Hussain, Husayin, Hussayin, Hüseyin, Huseyin, Husseyin, Huseyn, Hossain, Hosein, Hossein, or Husseyn) (Arabic: حسین‎, Ḥusayn), is an Arabic name which is the diminutive of Hassan, meaning "good", "handsome" or "beautiful". It is commonly given as a male given name, particularly among Shias.[1] In some Persian sources the forms Ḥosayn, Hosayn, or Hossein is used.[2] On the Subcontinent or South Asia, the form used is "Hussain" or "Hossain" in the Bengal region.

This name was not used in the pre-Islamic period,[3] and is recorded to have been first used by the Islamic prophet Muhammad when he named his grandson Husayn ibn Ali, saying he had been commanded to do so by the archangel Gabriel.[3]

In the end, justice was done, Ireland won. There was no gloating from the Irish, much relief and acknowledgment of a great chase by the Zims, and even Hussain's outrageous interrogation masquerading as a post-match interview was dealt respectfully by William Porterfield. Earlier there had been jokes by Hussain and some other Pom nonce that Porterfield needs to lighten up and one day they hope to get a smile out of him in an interview. On the evidence there is no reason for Porterfield to smile and much provocation that would justly end with Hussain on his pompous arse as result of a Porterfield left-right combination.

The question remains: why was the overdog championed by the commentary box? I put it down to the historic roots of Calvinist hatred of all things White and good and their inbuilt drive to turn day into night and promenade their vices as morality using third parties like "the poor downtrodden black man" as their foil. Here was a great story, the underdog who the overdog has refused to play, defeating overdog to setup the possibility of a quarter-final appearance.

The biggest source of Irish angst at Zimbabwe, though, comes with Zimbabwe’s continued obfuscation at the prospect of playing against Ireland.

A five-match ODI series was pencilled in for September 2011, along with a five-day Test match in all but name. The tour was postponed and, four years later, there is still no sign of it happening. Indeed, Zimbabwe have not deigned to play a single ODI against Ireland in the last four years.

The only encounter between the two in any competitive cricket was in last year’s World T20, when Ireland stumbled to a last-ball victory.

All of this provides a spicy backdrop to the encounter in Hobart.

Yet all we got from the comm box was a gnashing of teeth, surly suggestions the Irish were cheats, and that the result was an injustice.

The reality is that if the Zims had not dropped three stock standard catches after winning a crucial toss and sending the Irish in they would have won. Too bad for you Zimbabwe, who should be boycotted in any case if racism were a principle and not a ruse to plunder economies and serve as your guise, Malcolm Fraser/Mugabe style.

Get fucked FHK, get fucked Sumptuous, get fucked Hussain.

Well played Ireland.


Indeed the commentary was a joke. Hard to imagine it could be any more biased, especially against a associate nation.

Also why did Sumptuous keep pronouncing 'Cu-sacks' name as 'Cus-ack'? It had the disorientating effect on me of thinking Nicholas was narrating a Tolstoy novel not calling the final over of a cricket match.


"Hussein is an Arabic name which is the diminutive of Hassan, meaning "good", "handsome" or "beautiful"."

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

A Brave New World

Also why did Sumptuous keep pronouncing 'Cu-sacks' name as 'Cus-ack'? It had the disorientating effect on me of thinking Nicholas was narrating a Tolstoy novel not calling the final over of a cricket match.

Probably he was recalling with great pride and joy the infamous betrayal of the Cossacks by his kin in Operation Keelhaul.

Solzhenitsyn describes it in detail in his The Gulag Archipelago:

In Austria that May [1945], Churchill...turned over to the Soviet command the Cossack corps of 90,000 men. Along with them, he also handed over wagonloads of old people, women, and children who did not want to return to their native Cossack rivers. This great hero, monuments to whom will in time cover all England, ordered that they, too, be surrendered to their deaths."


The Cossacks had their own SS Cavalry Corp!

A Brave New World

Graeme Fowler, top bloke, re-tweets and tweets:


Woy Woy Pom
@GFoxyFowler Some antipodean anti-Irish commentary determined to say it was a six,
Reply Retweet Favorite
3:16 AM - 7 Mar 2015
Graemefowler ‏@GFoxyFowler 13h13 hours ago
@WoyWoyPom ha ha. I like Tom he's a good bloke.
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Woy Woy Pom ‏@WoyWoyPom 13h13 hours ago
@GFoxyFowler He's always going to go against an England feed club. Yessss another wicket. A day for African choking?
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Andrew Kirk ‏@Andrewk1978 13h13 hours ago
@WoyWoyPom @GFoxyFowler who is it?
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Woy Woy Pom ‏@WoyWoyPom 13h13 hours ago
@Andrewk1978 @GFoxyFowler Tom Moody?
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Good point, which I forgot, but now that I remember Cam pointed out last night, Tom Moody was in on the anti-Irish act as well.

By far the worst was FHK (does anyone know his name?). Sumptuous just saw which way the wind was blowing and followed, as he normally does, not having had an original thought since he was thrust into the world, looked around, and decided the best course of action was putting a gloss on the idiocies of other people.

Fowler should also note the malicious interview by Hussain.

A Brave New World

People want to shoot an elephant for the same reason they want to catch a shark, the thrill of danger, even if it's illusory.

What's illusory is your life. Taking down a giant brings home that reality.

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