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See my previous remarks about this being very boring and/or a non-issue, but I think there's also a misnomer here, too. Surely the actual definition of "sledging" is the odd bowler muttering "you can't bat to save yourself" in his follow-through, or goading from slips about batting technique/not wanting to disappoint the WAG who just flew in from wherever. Standing mid-pitch and taking verbal swings at each other is "arguing" and/or "acting like a dickhead", and is something quite different. One might lead to another, but behaving badly and sledging should not be seen as synonymous.

Big Ramifications

Well said Carrot!! Nail that one to the door.

Big Ramifications

Glenn McGrath was an absolute tool when it came to sledging arguing. Although a brief Googling 5 minutes ago reveals he is ashamed of some of his bigger meltdowns, so good on 'im for saying so.

Regarding the infamous "spitting incident", I recall a newspaper column by Viv Richards where he said he would've CLOCKED McGrath if he had done the same thing to him. Sir Viv for GG!!

Tony Tea

Excellent article by Peter Lalor, including a nice swipe at Fairfax a frisson of wild dawgs.

Big Ramifications

Any chance of a copypasta of the good bits, Tony?

It's "subscriber only". Quite a few of your links are, but this one has me intrigued.

Nail that one to the door.

That's very Lutheran of you, Rammy.

Carrot is on the button. Warner showed why he will never be captain. Massive #SBF.


Thanks, boys. Always nice to get a "well bowled" around here.

PS - it's interesting how religion is a recurring theme on the AGB!


Here's the article rammers:

THE response to David Warner’s latest indiscretion has been as intemperate, reactionary and ill-conceived as the incident itself — possibly worse as it has been contrived away from the heat of the contest and allowed to fill the vacuum of common sense that arises at this end of a summer. Matraville’s pugnacious opener is the team’s unofficial attack dog.

He can be obnoxious and unsightly, but is he the pin-up boy for all that’s wrong with the game? Hardly. A man who will usher in new nanny state rules to save us from savagery? Spare me. A player who needs to tone down his behaviour? Definitely.

Is he licensed by the side? To some extent it would appear so. Darren Lehmann seemed more concerned with over rates when he spoke the following day. The ICC, if the measure of its sanctions is any guide, is of similar mind.

George Bailey has been banned for a game under the over rates’ two-strike policy. Warner survives because his indiscretion allows a three-strike approach.

The match referee had the chance to suspend Warner but chose the lightest penalty available under the code. The decision gives some indication of the true seriousness of the exchange in the eyes of those who witnessed and heard it up close as opposed to those who have opined from great distance.

If the side wanted Warner to shut up, he would be forced to. There is no sign that there is any will in the camp for this to happen. If the game were seriously concerned about such incidents it would increase the penalties. If Warner’s mouth is the biggest problem cricket has then the sport is in a healthy place — possibly so healthy that the professional curmudgeons need seek something so relatively trifling to justify their indisposition. Pulpits are made for pounding, but using clever phrases and big words to belittle the cricketer for his syntax and ill-formed excuses is snobbery bordering on intellectual bullying.

Sports of almost every description are battling an epidemic of cheating in the form of drug abuse. Ask the AFL and Essendon how all that is going. Ask the Tour de France. Ask the IOC’s mailroom how many medals are returned in the years after Olympic events. Ask the football codes how many times they have to deal with players charged with beating their partners. Syringes aren’t delivering the only fix that ails sport. Bookmaking has delivered a blight on most televised games and while Australia remains relatively quarantined and Australian cricket equally so, the plight of the IPL and the new ICC chief N Srinivasan provide some perspective.

Sledging is unseemly in much the same way as swearing on public transport and chewing with your mouth open, but it is not a danger to the game in the same league as, say, signing up for a rebel tour, swinging a bat or a foot at an opponent, claiming a bump ball as a catch, violence or indifference. If we were talking racist insults or homophobic taunts the reaction to the issue may have been more understandable, but we aren’t.

Sledging done with angry abandon is not a good look, but it is a cosmetic problem. Nobody says boo when it is done behind a hand or under the breath in passing as it was by former captains who are considered such pillars of the game they are invited to represent it at board level.

International critics suggest Australia is both chicken and egg in the evolution of sledging, but it matters little who has spread the disease because few nations seem immune. A quick glance at the ICC spread sheet of offences in recent matches suggests the opposition transgresses more often than the inventors of this apparent blight, but reducing the issue to a question of nationality is boorish and unproductive.

James Sutherland chastised Warner about his outburst, which seems appropriate. Cricket Australia’s chief executive has learned his lesson from the time he seemed to endorse Shane Warne’s behaviour in the BBL, but the administrators understand that fireworks are an important addition to the game up to the point somebody loses their eyebrows.

Michael Clarke’s “get ready for a broken f..king arm” during the Ashes became more of an advertising slogan for a hostile and entertaining series than an epitaph for all that was wrong with the modern game.

It would be nice to think that the only sounds we hear in cricket are the clatter of polite applause from the slips as a batsman cover- drives. Nice shot, by jove! However, the sight of the fast bowler digging one in short before pausing mid-pitch to deliver a long, hard stare is a little more engaging — so, too, the vision of a batsman who responds with a hook and a “get back to your mark” sneer. It would be nice if he players didn’t squabble but they do. Unlike the winter codes they behave remarkably well and manage to avoid any violence.

There’s a hell of a descent between where cricket is at and the traditional State of Origin punch-up or the weekly round of AFL jumper pulling.

If such were to happen it would be a terrible shame and flash points like the one on Sunday need to be addressed quickly by the on-field officials and sternly off it as they were. Cricket will lose a lot if it goes that way, but maybe not as much as the pulpit-pounders predict.

Warner does himself no favours by overreacting on the field and even fewer with his excuse-making off it. It was no surprise to read he seems to have the ear of Tony Abbott for his attempts at public relations after the event display the same judgment we are used to from the PM’s ­office.

His critics, however, have been tiresome in their rush to stake the largest slice of outrage. Hot on the heels of Jonathan Agnew’s extraordinarily misguided linking of Phillip Hughes’ death to the sledging issue comes Martin Crowe’s call for yellow and red cards in cricket.

The Sydney Morning Herald thought the idea of a naughty corner so good it delivered it’s most ill-thought-out cricket editorial since Peter Roebuck called for the sacking of Ricky Ponting and attacked Matthew Hayden’s religion.

That the editorialist still thinks Cricket Australia is the Australian Cricket Board 12 years after the name was changed was telling.

People who have construed his “speak English” as being racist need to take a swig of context and have a good lie down.

Warner accepts what he did was wrong, he paid his fine and knows if he does it again he faces suspension.

Even if it reaches that point his actions will have done little more than harm himself for the game is more resilient and multi-dimensioned than some would have you believe.


The Australian's subscription wall is pretty easy to jump.

Just copy the url and paste it in google search. You then need to delete the subscription code, in the case of the link above the "http://www.theaustralian.com.au/subscribe/news/1/index.html?sourceCode=TAWEB_WRE170_a&mode=premium&dest=" and the gobbledygook on the end of the link "&memtype=anonymous".

Hit search and click on the link that appears in google and you should have access to the original page.

Big Ramifications

Cheers, Cameron.

And well spotted Monty, that's who I was picturing. I wonder what % of the adult population would get the Martin Luther reference? I went to a Mick school so it would be a no-brainer for blokes of my age/demographic.

Big Ramifications

Dammit, thanks Cameron re: your tip.

You know I have given the exact same advice here at AGB once or twice before. Couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong this time.... Forgot to chop off the xXtra bit in the address, duh.

Tony Tea

Yes, that previous advice. When I saw your question up above I thought you were taking the piss.

Big Ramifications

Emphasis mine:

THE response to David Warner’s latest indiscretion has been as INTEMPERATE, reactionary and ill-conceived as the incident itself — possibly worse as it has been CONTRIVED away from the heat of the contest and allowed to fill the vacuum of common sense....


He can be obnoxious and unsightly, but is he the pin-up boy for all that’s wrong with the game? Hardly.


The match referee had the chance to suspend Warner but chose the LIGHTEST PENALTY AVAILABLE under the code. The decision gives some indication of the true seriousness of the exchange in the eyes of those who witnessed and heard it up close as opposed to those who have opined from great distance.


If Warner’s mouth is the biggest problem cricket has then the sport is in a healthy place — possibly so healthy that the PROFESSIONAL CURMUDGEONS NEED SEEK SOMETHING SO RELATIVELY TRIFLING to justify their indisposition.

Which is along the lines of what Carrot said. Without even thinking about it, I could rattle off a number of instances that were far far GRAVER in their unsportsmanlike depravity. In no particular order.

1. The Muttiah Muralitharan / Darrell Hair chucking incident, and ensuring race card playing, stonewalling, biomechanical rubber stamping, and bureaucratic buck passing. Covered on this blog a few times, if I recall correctly.

2. To this day, still the most unseemly incident I've seen on a cricket field. I had forgotten all about the provocative idiocy [@ 0:15] leading up to THE INCIDENT.

3. A senior England player admitting to a REGIME of cheating during an Ashes series, going all the way up to the senior coaches.

4. Greg Dyer's disgusting claim for a caught behind - which was given out. Even the grubbiest cheat in the school playground would think twice about claiming a similar catch.

5. Warne, Waugh comma M, and "John the bookmaker". Which pales in comparison to this incredible match turnaround and the associated stench of gambling. Which, in turn, pales in comparison to the players who have actually been rumbled for match fixing / spot fixing.

6. Andy Bichel's laughably raucous appeal for a caught and bowled in an Ashes Test. I can't find footage, but I've BANGED ON about it a few times on this ESTEEMED blog. Here's an article from the UK's The Telegraph which discusses the incident and basically calls Bichel a cheat. Which he absolutely was.

Like I said, I got these 6 examples without even thinking about it. How many more, if I could be arsed putting some time and grey matter into it?

Big Ramifications

"Ensuing". Dang nab it. I only proof read it 4 times. Spotted it as soon as I hit POST.

Big Ramifications

And yet poor old Ravey Davey is continually being hung out to dry for the capital crime of having a big gob. Let's not forget the time he was forced into a groveling apology for something he DIDN'T EVEN SAY, thanks to a circus troop of opinionated floggers.

The only positive I can take out of it is that the poor bloke is too dumb and / or thick skinned to let the contrived criticisms get to him.

Am I being too harsh, but of those 6 examples above, how can some of those players even show their face around a cricket field?

Bichel the cheat enthusiastic appealer went on to coach in the IPL and is now an Oz selector. Dennis Lillee the fat headed buffoon is a TV spokesperson in Western Australia for about a half dozen products and services. He is president of the WACA board. I just don't get it.

Pulpits are made for pounding, but using clever phrases and big words to belittle [David Warner] for his syntax and ill-formed excuses is SNOBBERY BORDERING ON INTELLECTUAL BULLYING.

That I hadn't considered. A few of us here, myself included, could be accused of that.

It brings to mind this all-time classic bit of intellectual snobbery and bullying that had the complete opposite effect the curmudgeons had hoped for, which hardly even needs repeating....

REPORTER: There's another word that people now associate with Pauline Hanson and it's spawned the phrase that has become her rallying cry.

[FILE TAPE, 60 MINUTES, 13 OCTOBER 1996] CURRO: Are you Xenophobic? HANSON: Please explain.... [END FILE TAPE]

PASQUARELLI: Immediately she said it I prayed. The first time in my life I've prayed I think. Ad I said please don't let them edit that out, and they didn't.

REPORTER: But they presumably…..

PASQUARELLI: But they thought it was going to do Pauline a lot of damage I think. And it backfired.

REPORTER: It's a measure of just how much of a gulf there is between the SNEERING MEDIA and it's understanding of Hanson's appeal that what we all thought was an embarrassing blunder became Pauline Hanson's credo cur.

Big Ramifications

"Troupe". Blast it.

While I've got youse all, is "credo cur" a thing? It was copy'n'pasted from the transcript. All Googling points to cur = mongrel dog.

Professor Rosseforp

Luther certainly nailed it, like Carrot and Biggers do on this page.
However, as a good Catholic boy, I doubt he would have been picked to play for Australia, even if he had residency and even if the country had existed during his life. I suspect he might have taken an unorthodox approach to the game, would have fallen out of favour with officialdom for telling home truths -- although I couldn't substantiate any of this.

A Brave New World

Never heard of a credo cur. Maybe it was meant to be cri de coeur and the typist stuffed it up.

A credo cur would be the creed of the dogs, or something like that.

Tony Tea

Credo = I believe
Cur = why?
Why do I believe?

A Brave New World

Is there such a phrase credo cur? I reckon the reporter meant cri de coeur.

Tony Tea

Brave New Pat nailed it. The ignorant stenographer obviously had never heard of cri de coeur, which ironically allows us all here at the AGB Mansions to display our SNOBBERY BORDERING ON INTELLECTUAL BULLYING.

Tony Tea

No, as far as I'm aware, "credo cur" is not an authentic phrase.

PS: Did you like my "ergo"? Nice touch, me.

A Brave New World

Well, I displayed my ignornace in thinking cur was Latin for dog, which it isn't. It's canis. Just looked up cur and found:

Origin of CUR

Middle English, short for curdogge, from Middle English *curren to growl (perhaps from Old Norse kurra to grumble) + Middle English dogge dog
First Known Use: 13th century

Ergo, I am a well educated idiot.

Tony Tea

To dyslexic theologians it means "I believe in Dog".

Big Ramifications

Thanks for your efforts, ABNW. Here's a short 0:30s RELIGIOUS THEMED video clip you might like. That goes for all you other AGB theologians who are still in the closet.

If Martin Luther were alive today and living in Australia he might sound like this. Or he might not.


[language warning – a couple of F-bombs]

A Brave New World

I bet the stenographer also thought cur was a reference to dogs, associated that with Hanson-as in "dog whistling" which is applied to anyone who proposes a popular policy (aka populist, in the pejorative)-and assumed that the reporter was saying that "Please explain?" was the creedo of the racist dogs that were On Nations (which Tony Abbott had put down, btw).

Big Ramifications
To dyslexic theologians it means "I believe in Dog".
Reminds me of a v.funny scene from an otherwise terrible movie sequel. It's not the best quality upload, but keep an eye on the dumb jock's face after he speaks. All the nerds have said their piece and it's his turn. He's packing himself. He knows he has to produce something big....


Tony Tea

The video's blocked here.

Big Ramifications

Wow that was quick. Says it's been BLOCKED WORLDWIDE due to copyright. Jeez.... a 0:34s clip from a 28 year old movie. Get a life, copyright lawyers.

This upload works.... http://tinypic.com/m/io24b8/2


"...which Tony Abbott had put down, btw."

Shameful. No enemies to the right!

A Brave New World

I saw that vid of yours at your YT channel, Rammers. Did you know that Martin Luther hated Jews? His last days were dedicated to writing about their Satanic ways. You should Jewgle it :-)

Re. religion, I am more on the Bill Burr way of thinking, especially is analogy of leaving one's religion is like the fella doing curling. Here's a clip of about 10mins.

In the full show he talks about the fella from Duck Dynasty who got shitcanned for his "homophobis" comments. Burr makes the obvious point, what did they think this bloke's views would be? Progressive? Inclusive one world leftardism? The guy's almost 70, he's a "redneck", he hunts for a living making his wealth from inventing a better duck whistle. And everyone's surprised he hates fags?! A total setup.

Here's a bit on it, though it comes across better in the full show.

I left the Novus Ordo farce like that, slowly disconnected and it went the other way. Now that I'm a sedevacantist I have returned to the place much like the first Patrick Hannagan in Oz. No legitimate Mass, no need to go to Mass on Sunday.

A Brave New World

Lot's of typos there, who cares, I reckon you get the gist.

Tony Tea

Got it. The Jews invented dog whistling.

A Brave New World

Ha, no. The Jew thing was just having a laff at Rammers when he upbraided me for my antisemitical ways. It was meant simply that if one is a Lutheran, ya gotta take the Jew stuff with the other stuff.

Ever noticed how people pick and choose from their religion the things they like and the things they don't like? I mean, whatever happened to being principled? You can't say "Well, times have chyanged, so we interpret that differently now." It's either right or it's wrong.

A few people close to me claim they are Buddhists, or have an affinity with Buddhism. But if you ask "What is the Buddhist position on xyz?" they have no idea. Fact is they aren't Buddhist, they just liked the idea of reincarnation, or karma or some other such bullshit. I have more respect for those ISIS guys than the brofags who reckon they know Islam better than the Muslims do.

I mean, has Tony Abbott actually read the Koran? Has Obama or Bush or Clinton, or every man-and-his-dog Western politician who can't wait to rush out their spiel "This nis not true Islam." The King Fahd Koran is online. I can read it myself, thanks very much. I reckon the fellas who dedicate their lives to studying it, dying for it, and killing for it have a little bit more *authority* when it comes to judging what is an isn't a Moslim than the ALP or the Liberal Party.

A Brave New World

One other thing, well there are many things, but this one thing really gets my dog hairs bristling: what's so wrong with hate?

I fuckin' hate hate HATE. I could work myself into a frenzy on some subjects.

Yet I'm told that hate-speech is not free-speech. Why not? I hate algebra. Really does my head in. I also hate faux philosopher bloggers who do not debate the issues but have their amen-corner, their little personality cult, come in and chomp down the interlopers. What's wrong with hate?

Hate is not the other side of the love coin, it's what one does if one loves something. Indifference is the opposite of hate. I hate indifference.

I guess that is what is meant in Revelation 3:16 "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth."

Big Ramifications

Bill Burr is the real deal, ABNW. I see you are a man of taste.

Only discovered him last year [via the brother of George Carlin's widow, FWIW]. I even listened to his weekly podcasts for a while before life got in the way and I stopped visiting his website.

Have you seen his "You People Are All The Same" gig? His takedown on gold diggers and domestic violence is priceless [erm, not in the same rant]. The whole thing is free in HD on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BSlqZYtWzQ

Here's my quick'n'dirty 0:59s highlights package. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i68tZRGdfy4

There's a link to a 7m:31s clip in the sidebar which gives you a much better overview. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlvvCYUDHrQ

On living in Los Angeles and his decision to go shopping for a gun.

This city just messes with your mind. Y'know? It's overpopulated. Technically doesn't have a water supply. Right? The dollar's crashing. Shit keeps you up at night, you're just thinking.... What do I do when the zombies come? Right?

Start reading up on shit: Get some powdered food.... plant some zucchini.... get a windmill.... Right?

And that's all well and good, but if you dunno how to fight.... all you're doing is gathering supplies for the toughest guy on the block.

ppps: Aaron Burr, who was Veep of the USA at the time, killed another very senior politician in a pistol duel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V_DsL1x1uY I wonder if he's a relative. Not a common surname.

A Brave New World

The reference to bloggers and their amen-corner wasn't to you, btw. Just seen that at so many other sites. m0nt would know what I mean.


Credo cur deserves to gain wider usage. It's a mute point that it all goes well, for all intensive purposes. However, I'm not waiting with baited breath that it will eek out a niche.

A Brave New World

I've seen all of Burr's online shows and he gets me in tears of laughter. As a matter of fact, Bill Burr is a point of bonding between me and the middle daughter. We both love him and are seeing him together next week at the Opera House.

Tony Tea

History fact! Aaron Burr, Bill Burr and Raymond Burr all came from Burr, Nebraska.

Big Ramifications

True history fact! The town of Ismay, Montana changed its name to Joe, Montana.

// in 1993, when NFL quarterback MEGASTAR Joe Montana got traded to the Kansas City Chiefs
// which is strange, because Ismay is a 1,466km drive from Kansas City, in a different state
// but there you have it

And here's an extremely tangentially related video of an Aussie [born and bred] punter GOING ALL THE WAY FOR A TOUCHDOWN after faking the kick.


Tony Tea

The amazing thing about that TD was that Wing was penalised for celebrating before he had crossed the goal line. He stuck his hands out ever so slightly and got pinged for unsportsmanlike conduct, which had only been introduced that year. Can you imagine the penalties at the end of Wild Dawgz?

A Brave New World

Another thing, I am actually going to do the safe shooter's course in a couple weekends time with my daughters and then we start at the gun range. Each of those arguments Bill Burr addresses cam up from every family and friend.

Big Ramifications
No, as far as I'm aware, "credo cur" is not an authentic phrase. PS: Did you like my "ergo"? Nice touch, me.
Actually I missed both your replies until just then, due to the flood of comments and a delay in page refreshing where comments appear slightly late and / or jump around the place.

I just Googled the definition of "ergo". Seen it written down thousands of times, never felt the need to discover its meaning. Shameful stuff.

I feel like a lost wreck on a voyage to nowhere in a vacuum of shame and remorse. I pray some day I can make it up to you and others. Inshallah! Bless you Tony you're a good man I'm a fool.

Big Ramifications

The amazing thing about that TD was that Wing was penalised for celebrating before he had crossed the goal line....

Piss off, Tony. It's still a real touchdown to me, dammit!!

Erm. Yeah, what a bummer. But I had to build it up in my description. Click bait reasons.

Agreed - that was the tiniest of celebrations. I totally missed it until the slo mo replay.

ps: A couple of fantastic shepherds blocks, wot? That first Florida defender was farking MOVING! Then I love the late, high shirtfront on #29. LSU were just dotting the Is, crossing the Ts!

Blocking is one of the few things I like better when comparing similar aspects of American football vs. Aussie rules football. Love seeing a big run, inches from the sideline, with the ball carrier being escorted by two man mountains, clobbering and shoulder charging everyone that comes within cooee.

Not sure how American style blocking would translate to Aussie rules, but. Too dangerous I reckon.

pps: Not a block or shepherd:

A Brave New World

I know I have played this many times before but this is an example of what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDJupO18KXc

Many people complained that Lemmy was drunk when he sang the original intro.

So they cleaned it up with HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_0pTuYCJD0

Which do you prefer? The original is *the* best entrance ever. The *other* is an imposter.

Many people will decry Smith for sending them in, and seeing the score. There is such a wide discrepancy between watching the game and playing the game.

You can't teach or bottle energy.

A Brave New World

This is a great game. Hope it goes close and the Poms win. Just so our crushing of them in the WC is all that much better.

A Brave New World

Big Show will get half a ton here.

A Brave New World

Bring on Steve O'Keefe!

A Brave New World

From Crooky:

Number of players to have scored a century on captaincy debut in both Tests and ODIs - Steven Smith is the only one

A Brave New World

We just watched history made, yet it will mean nought should we not win the WC,

A Brave New World

in both cricket and soccer.

Not sure what happened there.

A Brave New World

I have no idea why that album is not hailed as one of the top ten Oz albums of all time. I would have thought you Vics would champion it, at the very least.

It came between their ealier big band "anarchist" sound, and was scaled back on account of the band's breakup to just lead rythm guitar, bass, and drums. Backed up by french horn, trumpet and synthesiser for SPX.

Every song is a pared back *honest* recounting of Oz feelings. There was no artifice, no mixing for effect, no politics, just belting it out. Again, I do not understand why this album is not in the top ten Oz albums of all time.

The Mongrel

Time for my cri de cur (hah!)

If you follow Big Rammer's link to the most unseemly incident he's seen on a cricket field, you will see another link titled Most disgraceful moment in the history of cricket.

Richie's comments at 8 mins are classic. Now that's a sledge!


I hear Mark Seymour has some weapons grade SBF. Nevertheless, H&Cs are perennially underrated.

A Brave New World

Here's what I have been saying for eons.

The practice of punching a stranger in the head has less to do with alcohol than with some of the darker and more primitive aspects of our national character.

But, don't worry: Do We Drink too much

You decide.

Big Ramifications

What does "SBF" mean? It's mentioned twice in this thread.

Urban Dictionary offers a quite a variety of [mosty silly] acronyms. eg. "Single black female". And the amount of water that hits your bum cheeks when you're doing a number 2, known as the "splash back factor". Charming.

None I could spot seemed to work in context here.


S--- Bloke Factor. Used on Twitter a bit by TT and some of his colleagues.

Tony Tea

Also Shit Bloke Filter. For instance, if you see a white bloke with dreadlocks you immediately know to avoid him. The dreadlocks have filtered the bloke.

Tony Tea

"cri de cur" Like it. Tick. VG.

Big Ramifications

What about if you see a black bloke wearing plus-fours?

Big Ramifications

Because of this bloody thread conversation I've been regularly thinking about a human biology lecture from about ~25 years ago. In it, the good professor taught us about the "cri du chat" syndrome. "Cry of the cat".

He described the first obvious symptom being the newborn's cry sounding like a fuck-off big cat wanting to be let in the house, or that horrible sound domestic cats make just before they go at each other.

Yeeks. If that ain't the aural version of "uncanny valley" then I don't know what is. I just couldn't imagine the feelings of the poor parents who bought such a chimera into this world.

As they grow, other delightful symptoms include mental retardation, aggressiveness, pin head, big eyes, crooked teeth, small jaw, and excessive drooling.

Heh. Very similar to Robert Allenby's symptoms the other night in Hawaii. Jeez, didn't he have a head on him after he got bashed and robbed.

What about if you see a black bloke wearing plus-fours?

Then you ask that NBA star for his autograph.

Professor Rosseforp

"Credo cur" is a beauty! Never would have guessed "cri de coeur".
My other current favourites from sporting blogs are: "he needs to reign in his temper" and "why doesn't he just tow the line?" as well as perennial favourite, "i am not phased by the opposition".
More bullying from pedants, because after all, "Language changes".

Professor Rosseforp

Biggers, has anybody posited alternative scenarios for what happened to Robert Allenby in Hawaii?

Hangover Black

Pimps got to him after not paying for his hooker was one I heard.

A Brave New World

Oh, so sorry, Vics. Seems like it is up to us to destroy WA at the ACT. Just wish I could finagle my way there this Wednesday.

Till, then, Vics: "I want you back"

A Brave New World

The thing about NSW is we have a laff about bad times. we had bad times, we had good times.

A Brave New World

Somehow this song didn'
t get linked: a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gv9qxkeV6Y">Happy Man"

A Brave New World

The thing about NSW is we don't know when to shut down when we are on a good thing.

For NSW:

A Brave New World

For ffs Tones. Fucked that up again. Deatchsland.

A Brave New World

Most Ozzies want some lame British bagpipped tune in On Anzac Day.

Tomorrow means nothing to me. Neither does Anzac Day. I hope all the jumped up non-White channel 10 ingrates get that. IOU nothing and am not beholden to giving a shit about you and your fucked up bereft of friends race and or religion.

The government I have will not change, no matter which way the electorate's wind blows.

It does not matter if I vote Labor or Liberal. They both have no respect, no care, no love and no affinity with White Australia. As a matter of fact they hate us.

Big Ramifications

Tony, this post of yours changed how I view sport. Or more specifically, megastar sportsmen.

Maybe it's too early to call it coz I haven't seen enough of his work [or too late, career wise] but I think I witnessed some fly-like batting from Kevin Pietersen tonight in the game vs. the Scorchers.

Hoggy was at his usual tight, unpickable-wrong'un bowling best. KP was at the crease and he was keeping him tied down – but I reckon there were at least 3 that he nudged for singles that would have clean bowled [or LBW] any other player in the BBL.

So what does Kevin Pietersen decide to do?

Switch hit. Monster six. Thanks for coming.

Hoggy didn't look exactly pleased, but I reckon I spotted a glimmer of him having a bit of a chuckle to himself "well, played KP you bastard, not too many blokes have the nads or the wherewithal to do that to me".

Big Rammer's mum

Tony Tea, I must ask that you please stop changing how he views sport. He is getting too old.


Much like your jokes then.

Professor Rosseforp

Brave New World, I will do my best to avoid that dreadful dirge, "We are Austral-i-un" (last syllable attempts to rhyme with "from all the lands on earth we come").
No other country in the world has migrants from so many other countries. Except maybe USA, Britain, France, India, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, etc, and of course no other country has a concept of mateship, either.

A Brave New World

Well said, Prof.Prof.

Today is the feast day of St. Polycarp. Better to remember him than this loathsome Oz Day:

“I have wild animals here,” the Proconsul said. “I will throw you to them if you do not repent.” “Call them,” Polycarp replied. “It is unthinkable for me to repent from what is good to turn to what is evil. I will be glad though to be changed from evil to righteousness.” “If you despise the animals, I will have you burned.” “You threaten me with fire which burns for an hour, and is then extinguished, but you know nothing of the fire of the coming judgment and eternal punishment, reserved for the ungodly. Why are you waiting? Bring on whatever you want.”

It was all done in the time it takes to tell. The crowd collected wood and bundles of sticks from the shops and public baths. The Jews , as usual, were keen to help. When the pile was ready, Polycarp took off his outer clothes, undid his belt, and tried to take off his sandals – something he was not used to, as the faithful always raced to do it for him, each wanting to be the one to touch his skin – this is how good his life was. But when they went to fix him with nails, he said, “Leave me as I am, for he that gives me strength to endure the fire, will enable me not to struggle, without the help of your nails.”

So they simply bound him with his hands behind him like a distinguished ram chosen from a great flock for sacrifice.

We should also remember St. Germanicus who was killed just prior after provoking the wild animals to slaughter him since they refused to do the bidding of the unrighteous and slay him.


Pat have a look at this from Ben Roberts-Smith:

“Being Australian, to me, is actually about firstly being accepting of those around you,” Roberts-Smith said.

“Because we are a multi-nation country, that’s what we’ve always been from the very beginning.”

He also believes our culture reflects a “fair go” attitude and community spirit to help people less fortunate in times of need.

“You always see Australians standing up and helping each other,” he said.

“We’re all united in celebrating what we love about being Australian,” Roberts-Smith said.

“Let’s just commit to making­ Australia a better nation.”


I've seen Roberts-Smith interviewed before and he justified the war against Afghani goat herds by trotting out the fox news "freedom isn't free" line. You can really see how all this bs has trickled down from the yanks, specifically neocons. Proposition nation bs, no ethnic identity. The very nature of a group is defined by exclusion and yet these kosher conservatives twist it to make the highest ideal inclusion, those negating the concept. It's fucking nonsense.

A Brave New World

Who is this ghastly Ben Roberts-Smith creature? Anyone with a hyphenated surname should be put in stocks and pilloried.


Someone who seems to have been given the VC for combating the existential threat of Afghani goat herds.

"Fight them over there so we 'have to fight them over here!"


This probably deserves its own thread. Lemming all on his own, heading for the cliff.

Professor Rosseforp

St. Polycarp was certainly pretty coherent when facing death.
Any Roman worth his salt (assuming the Romans were doing the executing) would have had his tongue torn out first to stop that sort of idle chatter.
As for the line “Let’s just commit to making­ Australia a better nation" -- I don't think it can be done. We are already there by the sound of it: inclusive, accepting, united, sharing values -- and all with an attitude of "fair go".

Tony Tea

St Polycarp is the patron saint of Selleys home improvement products.

A Brave New World

Ha, excellent work there, Tones. Reminds me I need to oil my deck. May St. Polycarp protect it from damaging UV, rain and hail.

Back on the Oz Day thing, each 27/01/2015 I get this feeling that this nation, er, economy got that little bit dumber and facile in one short day. This year, stretch that over a long weekend and one gets the mood that things have become drastically more stupid, if that were even possible.

If only people could apply the concept of home improvement to the economy, er, nation, what a wonderful place this could be.

My one thoughts on the whole Oz Day/Invasion Day/Bastard Whites Day/Republic Day is why not just rename it Public Holiday Day? We all celebrate having a national, er, countrywide public holiday. What could be more Ozzie than that?

What did you do on the Public Holiday long weekend?

I got drunk and slept in, how about you?

Tony Tea

I'm pretty opinionless on the whole Aussie Day fandango. I would like a republic, because it is past time we cut the apron strings. I would also like a new flag, but not a hotch potch doona of various themes. The current flag without the UJ would do me.

A Brave New World

You're way more committed on the subject than myself. I couldn't care less what they do with the flag etc. If I were to have a say in how we should go about things I'd say replace the government with a board elected by shareholders as well as major voting rights to those with the largest investment.

Replace the flag with the current account graph. The flag gets updated annually as does the current account. Oz Day gets moved to 1st July for the end/start of financial year, and is named Current Account Day. It could be gold text on a green field to represent the sporting colours.

The only voting rights go to those with a capital investment in the company, that is Australia Pty Ltd, and they vote at the annual shareholder's meeting. If you don't have an investment then no vote for you.

26th January just becomes Public Holiday Day and no one is obligated to do or feel anything specific but just enjoy the day in whatever way they feel best.

A Brave New World

Oh, and I'm with Major General Smedley D. Butler in his "War is a Racket": wars are voted on proportionally by those who have the job of waging them. Once war is declared then everyone is paid the equivalent of the lowest paid of the frontline troops get paid.

Those journalists who push for war the loudest get to serve in the frontline. I know Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt would be just itching to get the Ghillie Suit camo on and go minesweeping through the Middle East.

A Brave New World

You asked the other day:

Tony Tea @AfterGrogBlog
I guess I'm late to this party, but the Socceroonies are playing a semi final in Newcastle?!? Why?

Michael Lynch has the answer: Asian Cup 2015: Lack of faith in soccer an embarrassment for Melbourne

In short, the Vic government of the time, Bailieu/Napthine, declined to bid for it.

Hangover Black

Wasn't far off - http://m.smh.com.au/sport/golf/robert-allenby-ran-up-us3400-strip-club-bill-on-night-of-bashing-report-20150126-12ykea.html

Tony Tea

There are two semi finals, right? You need two (or one) venues, right? So they pick Sydney and Newcastle. Why not Sydney and Brisbane?

A Brave New World

I assume Newcastle/NSW paid more to hold the finals here. According to Lynch that's how the selection process played out.

I'm happy for Newcastle to get the final as they are soccer mad up there having two teams in the A-League, and Hunter Stadium is a good one, not to mention they've had hard times for some time re. the local economy.

A Brave New World

Yes, that's what it was:

Newcastle was chosen to host two group games, a semi-final and the third-place playoff after the NSW government comfortably bid the most of any state to be part of the competition — with ANZ Stadium also securing four group games, a quarterfinal, semi-final and the final on January 31.


A Brave New World speaketh with the wisdom of a chartered accountant.
Also Newcastle is going gangbusters, Bought a house up there in 2013. Saw 9 houses in one day, all were sold withtin a week. The place is booming

Tony Tea

I worked up at Curry Curry in 1997 and was mighty impressed by the area. (Except for the rugby league obsession.)


Thanks for that article mont, intriguing stuff.

PS check out this photo from Clarke in Dec:


I assume I'm not the only one who's looking forward to seeing the back (no pun intended) of him.


No wonder his back is sore.

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