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The cringes will come from listening to the male commentators trying to engage with her. It's going to be painful.

Hopefully they make a genuine effort to generate some camaraderie.

Big Ramifications

Is she a lesbian? I must know before I can comment further.

Tony Tea

Maybe they'll do the Luke Darcy route and ignore her.


Didn't they already parachute Nicole Livingstone in there somewhere, which was a complete failure because she never gelled with the blokety blokes? Someone line Nic, anyway.


TMS use a retired English cricketer from time to time, Isa Guha. She's good with an excellent voice for radio and because that lot are civilised, she's fitted in nicely. There are real exchanges about the cricket, if you get what I mean.

She was over in the Aus summer for the one dayers and she improved Terry Alderman's commentary (he was used as a guest on TMS). I didn't think anyone could do that but he picked up his act when she was on and was more cheerful which was a real result.

It's terrible but if Meg Lanning is attractive, it might make them better commentators as the usual Nein oafs may want to show off in a less unappealing way.


" There is a dreadful lack of depth in Australian commentary."

So let's insert insipid women with a low ceiling into commentary roles for the sake of the PC POLICE when at a younger male could be learning the trade with at least the chance of becoming an insightful commentator.


Do you know she's insipid Cameron? Have you met her?

Tony Tea

How do you know she is an insipid woman?

Tony Tea

Err. Yes. What Lou said. Shouldn't have dinner and comment at the same time.

Tony Tea

Anyway, Nine's ceiling is already low regardless of gender. I guess your angling at tokenism, but blokenism has slaughtered their coverage for years.


Moreover, how do you know she has a low ceiling?

I would prefer a full time commentator to a moonlighting full-time cricketer. But the main reason she'll be no better than average is because very few, if any, commentators are willing to step up to improving the coverage, rather than aping the existing method. So the caveat to my first sentence is that a full-time commentator is only of value if they are willing to push boundaries.

Pushing boundaries isn't going to happen around Slats et al anyway. And she could hardly be worse.

Miss Insipid

What about if I pole dance as well? Grrrls can do anything!!!

Professor Rosseforp

"blokenism" -- love it!!
I wish her well. Didn't Kate Fitzpatrick already break that particular glass ceiling?
If she fails (I hope she doesn't) then let it be on lack of merit, not gender. Debbie Spillane is fairly dreadful on the ABC wireless, but uses a blokeyness in her delivery. Rebecca Wilson uses a similar blokey schtick, and seems to be offended that people object to her poor delivery. Gender has nothing to do with my complaints in either case. I'm happy to object to all the blokey sports journos on Sunrise TV or 9's Morning show, because they just get excited about getting a drive in a fast car, and read off an autocue.
I cann't abide Peter Fitzsimons but he has credibility in rugby union, and knows his stuff in other sports (although his columns on the World Cup Football were just of the "I don't get it" kind). His gender is unrelated to my dislike of his tv persona.

Nate Duivenvoorden

Peter Fitzsimons ...has credibility in rugby union

Even I have more credibility than that rag head.

You're waving a reg rag to a bull...dyke.


I'm with Tony, my chief concern is her age. I'm old enough now to think that anyone that's 22 is pretty much an idiot on principle, and certainly not old enough to tell me something I don't already know about cricket. It might help the womens' game though, which would be good. Whatever she does she'll be judged for her gender though, and if she doesn't succeed it'll be harder for the next woman, even if the next woman is a full-time broadcaster.


I haven't heard a female commentator on Australian TV or Radio that I can stand listening to for more than five minutes, it's generally not that the information they are imparting is bad, it's the delivery. You either get the shrill types who make your ears bleed when scores are level in the footy with three minutes to go, or, what is arguably worse, the ones who try to imitate the male commentators - which sounds completely wrong.

Either way I guess it won't matter to me personally, Channel Nine has been on mute for the last few years due to the commentary being so bad. (Also saves me having to mute during the commercial breaks)

Lemmy & Triple H

There's only one thing I wanna say to Ms. Priss, and the White Knights of the Nein team, and attendant suckholes:

It's time to play the game...
Time to play the game! Ha ha

It's all about the game and how you play it.
All about control and if you can take it.
All about your debt and if you can pay it.
It's all about pain and who's gonna make it.

I am the game, you don't wanna play me.
I am control, no way you can change me.
I am heavy debt, no way you can pay me.
I am the pain and I know you can't take me.

Look over your shoulder, ready to run.
Like a good little bitch, from a smoking gun.
I am the game and I make the rules.
So move on out here and die like a fool.
Try to figure out what my moods gonna be.
Come on over sucker, why don't you ask me?
Don't you forget that the price you can pay
Cause I am the game and I want to play....

It's time to play the game........hahaha
Time to play the game!

Douglas Reed

One British newspaper and two American ones spoke reproachfully of my anti-Semitism. If you discuss this question at all the welkin immediately rings with the yelping of 'Anti-Semite', often from people who have nothing more than a languid indifference about it, but like using phrases of this sort because Englishmen always play cricket, don't you know, and hang it, play the game, sir.

Lord Bogan, Surveyor of Consummation

In Hungary you had, as that old Magyar nobleman said who I quoted to you earlier, a ruling class, the nobles and magnates, who chose to pretend that business was beneath them and used the Jews for all matters of buying and selling, banking and moneylending, accounting and manufacturing. By doing this, as they went out hunting or sat by the fireside and in a lordly way commanded the gipsies to make music for them, they delivered the country to the Jews and surrendered their own mastery of it to the Jews.

David Stove

I BELIEVE THAT the intellectual capacity of women is on the whole inferior to that of men. By "on the whole," I do not mean just "on the average"; though I do mean that much.

My belief is, if you take any degree of intellectual capacity which is above e average for the human race, as a whole, then a possessor of that degree of intellectual capacity is a good deal more likely to be man than a woman.

This proposition is consistent, of course, with there being women, and indeed with there being any number of women, at any level of intellectual capacity however high. But it does mean, for example, that if there is a large number of women at a given above average level of intellectual capacity, then there is an even larger number of men at that level.

Of course I'm only the greatest historical thinker Australia has ever produced and you moderns are a bunch a pay cheque pussyfied cultural-marxists, so I humbly submit these facts before my better overlords.

Franz Gaylord


The Planets: Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity.

Perhaps there was a Holst: Bringer of faggotry that Tony and his Ilk coulod squeel their moral superiority over.


Franz Gaylord III

AGB Cricket: the only blog which the blogger assiduously ignores his own readers to dedicate his time to himself on twitter.

But, that's the frisson of AGB Cricket: they all think they're a cut above.

Tony Tea

Wife an kids away, Franzy?


Quite possibly buried under the kitchen floor.

Franz the Regretful

Well, ummm, as a matter of fact...they were.

You're allright

A womyn on the commentary team is like a well oiled peach: opened up, ripe, greased, and exciting.

Just ask Johnathon Livingstone Thurston.

You're allwrong

111 off 30 overs required, 9 wickets in hand.

What would Meg Lanning say?

Pretty sure she wouldn't demand the Oz selector's heads on a pike demanding they select a wicket taking spinner like O'Keefe.

Pretty sure she's just the quim of their content. The poster grrl. Talking female head for their latest spin.

If pedos were in, Nein would have Bubbles the Pedo Clown presenting, and you'd all lap it up as representing a voice that is seldom heard and much needed these hateful days.

The long hop gets the terrorist. Crush these cunts.

I bless myself each morning

Here's one for all you righteous sons of Engalnd, if seeing your own get slaughtered Like Drummer Rigby on the streets of London wasn't enough to convince ya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3LObFGwSLHY

Father Coughlan

When seconds count...the Police are minutes away.

Arm yourselves. Physically, and most important of all, spiritually.

(Btw, lots of peaople were tipping Eels two weeks ago. 2 weaks later they're gone. Coconuts)

Father Coughlan

6 off 60 to win it's been quite the flogging.

Still, hard to give a fuck other than slowly easing into summer and my hatred of all things non-White.

Father Coughlan

Fuck off Faff.

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