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I'm liking Warner more and more for his sheer front. He doesn't recognise the niceties at all. Hope he's never skipper though.

Tony Tea

Absolutely agree, Lou. Warner may be a Bogan, his slappy runs may dry up, and he may yet wear a face full of egg, but currently he is talking the talk AND walking the walk.


What I like is that he doesn't and probably won't ever recognise when he has got an egg-covered face which makes him the ideal Hayden replacement. His runs have been quite lucky so far.

Tony Tea

Mo Moosagee: “Hardly anyone takes anything David Warner says serious.” Really? That explains Moose's “David Warner’s remarks are disappointing and discouraging.”

food terroirist

it's definitely a black art, getting the ball to reverse.

Saffas have history, Faf got done last year when playing the Paks (irony? poetic justice).

He claimed his zipper had a love affair with the seam...

food terroirist

roughing up the ball with wicketkeeping gloves is a new one for me. Has this been done before (with success)?

food terroirist

the sumptuous one, made a comment about how "the ghosts of Wasim & Waqar chuckled their approval"

When did Wasim Akram & Waqar die?


Tony Tea

Warner's been fined. Naughty David. How dare you let the cat out of the bag.

Professor Rosseforp

I like the carefully-scripted comments from the players that neatly avoid the question as to whether anyone was scuffing the ball or not -- all along the lines that they are sorry that Warner mentioned it.

Tony Tea

Warner might be a couple of thousand dollars light in the pocket, but his in-the-press warning to South Africa (and the media to focus attention on what South Africa might be doing to the ball) coupled with his run-a-ball hundred are worth every cent.

What's the bet Warner is Group Australia's designated big mouth. What's more, he likes mouthing off too.

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