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Ah, the Daily Fail. Their mantra? Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. What a bunch of dickheads.

Tony Tea

I rather like the Mail. It's funny.


Jeez, pommy press ARE getting a bit desperate. Guess they have to come up with something seeing as our lads have refrained from weeing on pitches, or bouncers, or bouncing pitches.

Big Ramifications

"From calling Jonathan Trott 'weak' and 'scared' to...."

He said neither. Lying pack of assholes.

Having said that, I'm on Tony's side WRT The Daily Fail. There's something about the site layout, particularly the picture sidebar. I often find myself clicking on a story about some UK Big Brother 7 reject's boob job, or similar.

There's an awful lot of internet hate out there for that organization -- the non thinking, pile on, knee jerk, "comic sans font" kind of hate. Over time I've come to realize it's mostly the luvvie set that hates The Fail.

ps: Boobs.

Big Ramifications

Carrot you're a good man. Not implying you're a non thinking, knee jerking luvvie.


The thought hadn't even crossed my mind, Biggie!


I live in London and I can't see the Daily Mail as that benign. It SHOULD be seen as a comic but I'm not sure that enough people see it that way.


The Mail strikes me as the Fox News of print press. They've cottoned onto the fact that normal people arn'te predisposed to cultural-marxist faggotry. Also that word limits aren't required online (which escapes their genius left-liberal brethren).

Of course the neo-conservative crap they feed the masses must be noted. In my envisioned future world order reckoning of show trials and public executions there fate will be that of a swinging corpse or cranial matter sliding down a brick wall.

We're keeping names fuckers.

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