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I knew Filthy was filthy but not that he was dirty.


Solution? Send him through the Pat Cummins resuscitation program. That will have him back in 2016. Leave these young fast bowlrs alone, they are being stuffed up by the experts. Just let them go back to club cricket and sort themselves out, keep them away from tours and the hierarchy.


Really, gillysgone? I can't see that being the case. "The coaches/administrators/media have got to this young man's game, he's a mess now, it's everyone's fault but his....." is a story that I hear far too often, in just about any sport you'd care to name. If Finn's career is ruined at the age of 24 because "experts" have got to him, and what he really needs is for some grizzled 3rd grade coach to put him right I'd be very surprised.

Tony Tea

One for Carrot.

Here's a redhead festival in the Netherlands pic.twitter.com/Afehj4rI9v

— So Bad So Good (@sbadsgood) January 13, 2014
Tony Tea

Finn's problem is not down to his current coaches and administrators. They are merely trying to fix the mess caused by his junior coaches and administrators who let Finn get as far as the national team despite a dodgy action. Finn's current predicament has arisen because he has become less effective as the national coaching group scrambles to fix his action AND more importantly, see if he can take wickets without chucking.

See Rowell G. and Bird A.

Reading the comments at Barney's article I am amazed none of the Poms there have sussed Finn's true problem. Home town bias? Possibly. The Pommy Bowling Group is not tinkering with Finn's action because he clips the stumps, although that may have arisen as part of the remedial process, they are tinkering because they know he will be pinged if he keeps chucking.

There is also the political dynamic. England boast about cricketer development and do not want to be embarrassed by a bowler with a dodgy action getting all the way through the system. That kind of issue is for other countries, don't you know, old boy.


I still don't understand how ANYONE can get pinged for chucking when Ajmal never does. He's the chuckiest chucker I've seen. If he's legal, everyone - including Hurlem and Tait - are legal.

Tony Tea

A mal is high profile and therefore immune from chucusations.


Ha ha, Tones - the Redhead Days in Breda. I meant to go last year but it didn't quite happen. Maybe this year! Not sure how unnerving the experience will be surrounded by that many gingers in the one place, but I'm sure it'll be good for a few laffs. I hope that's what it is mind you, because I fear that a fair few of my ginger brethren take it all a bit too seriously for my taste. The ginger thing was a bit of fun a few years go but now it seems to be a real movement, which is just a bit ......weird. I mean, it's hair, right? There's no sub-culture, no literature, art, music or history of oppression, but you'd think there was from reading some of the crap that gets written!

BTW, I would never in a million years have thought that Finn's action was illegal. There is a certain degree of "oh, maybe now that you mention it.... " about it, but I would never have thought to question it on my own. It's just crazy how the English have imploded on this tour, isn't it?

Professor Rosseforp

I think the claims of a dodgy throwing action are pure racism.

Professor Rosseforp

Speaking of bowling actions, I saw some English spinner briefly in the 50 over a side match -- he looks like he's had a Pete Townshend hair transplant, but his bowling action is much more roundarm than Pete's guitar windmill style.

Big Ramifications
I still don't understand how ANYONE can get pinged for chucking when Ajmal never does. He's the chuckiest chucker I've seen. If he's legal, everyone - including Hurlem and Tait - are legal.
lou, Professor, I saw Tait let rip with a coupla horrible chucks the other night. I can't remember him ever being that bad. Watch for his faster ball with audible grunt.

But no matter. He went for 17 that over. Part of the fastest ever BBL century, by the rotund one - the Pura Cup reject, NSW grade-cricketer, soon to be Perth Scorchers cult hero.


Ha, ha, that Simmons ton was a hoot. He just kept bashing it.

He's like a slightly slimmed down version of Cossie.

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