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This afternoon they have conveniently changed the name of the account to "CA Digital Media" rather than "Cricket Australia" as seen earlier in the day and in your screen grab, plus added this in the bio:

"The independent news arm working out of Cricket Australia. Follow @CAComms for official Cricket Australia communication"


Tony Tea

Squirming blancmanges. Pathetic is right.


Piss be upon them.

Tony Tea

The Dehlitubbies.

Tony Tea

Cricket Australia needs to sack Cricket Australia.

Big Ramifications

Farking brilliant. First, a staffer from the gAyBC [the bastion of hand wringing and "it's not quite right"] gets hit by friendly fire. And now this.

London to a brick they were real Sikhs. Sikhs dressed up as colourful Sikhs are racist, doncha know? Pathetic on so many levels.

Big Ramifications

re: Your thread title. I uploaded it 18 months ago. Great scene.


Tony Tea

Sebastian Flyte.

Big Ramifications

"The Dehlitubbies."

Roy G. Shiv.

For the win.

Tony Tea

You are disqualified from "the win" if I have never heard of Roy G. Shiv.

I have never heard of Roy G. Shiv.


Professor Rosseforp

I think the ones who should be offended are the Wiggles.
I suppose they can argue "tribute band".

Brett Pee

Monty has always disliked bouncers, although he generally tends to find a good length.

Big Ramifications
"You are disqualified from "the win" if I have never heard of Roy G. Shiv.

I have never heard of Roy G. Shiv.


Much to Cameron's annoyance I'm sure, I've gotta blow some smoke up ur ass and admit my effort didn't win. Although the first time I looked at the pic I only noticed what a good job they'd done getting the pretty colours of their garb to match. Absolutely love the sunnies. Madness! Erm, but I missed all their Tellytubby accessories, so initially I thought your pun title was much more of a hard ball get than it actually was.


Secondly, you've never heard of Roy G. Biv? [Which you will note, I sexed-up with a touch of Bollywood, getting the Indian connection into my pun.] Roy G. Biv is the most famous mnemonic for the colours of the rainbow.. you have to be winding me up, Tony. D to the Q? Come come.

ps: I was bought up a "Richard Of York Gains Battles In Vain" boy. I remember being pretty mortified when I first heard my school buddies using the Roy G. Biv abomination, with its dodgy made-up surname. What a hardass I was, heh.

pps: Should it be "Roy G. Shiva"?

ppps: I added "for the win" coz if I say it out loud then it becomes true.

Billy Idol

I can be an idol just by calling myself one.

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