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Could be an interesting series.

Quick wickets.
Smith has come a cropper to Johnson before.
Petersen uninspiring.
Amla due for a fall.
Kallis averaging 17 last year.
Faf no 50s in last 8 innings.
Duminy still on the comeback.
ABDV back problems from keeping wicket.
Morkel injured.
Tahir shit.
Steyn still dangerous but perhaps showing wear and tear.
Philanderer average.

They'll kill us.

Professor Rosseforp

Nick -- hehe, good comments.


And they've batted through the middle session of day 5 and need 118 off 26 overs with 6 wickets in hand (prob 5 as morkel's ankle bigger than broad's toe)...

It's Adelaide all over again.


Thanks Prof


SA and India just stood eyeball to eyeball and they both blinked.

May the cricketing gods curse their cowardice.


A great game but typically no-one had the balls to go for the win. The real reason why we can beat SA, still lacking that last element of confidence to go for it. The greatest ever win vs a great draw. How could they have not gone for it?

Tony Tea

Just been catching up with the SA India scores. Piss poor of SA not to chase the record.

food terroirist

I watched most of the last days play,, but was semi-conscious with 80 runs to go.

Brilliant chase by the Saffas. Faf was incredible, AB slightly less so.

Philander had another great match with the ball & saved the Saffas with the bat with his 60 in the 1st innings.

Pretty good test to watch, wickets fell in bunches, Pujara & E-Kohli batted like seasoned pros, Saffas were hobbled in the 2nd innings carrying Tahir & with Morne injured.
Instant Karma actually had moments of brilliance.

Only crappy thing was seeing Fat Jacques get screwed by the lack of DRS; thick inside edge onto the pads & given out lbw?!?!

Tony Tea

The "Worksafe" Proteas.


Good call.

That finish was probably the biggest anti-climax to a sporting contest I have ever witnessed. I made the executive decision at the tea interval to stay up and watch it because all four results were still in play (would have lovde to have seen a tie), though I figured it would be a draw with SA req maybe 50 more runs. The SA decision not to go for it when they were so close was inexplicable, if the Australian team did that I would have been ashamed. The home crowd, rightly, absolutely gave it to them too. I don't think the Indian's should escape blame though. They could have attacked the stumps, esepcially once it became clear SA was batting for the draw and they needed 3 wickets to win.

Fox do a two hour highlights every day if anyone wants to watch it. I really don't know what else to say.


A team that can't win at home, at home to a team that can't win away. Unsurprising result, albeit the way they got there was torturous.

Tony Tea

Also, Joburg is a road with a small, lightning fast, billiard table of an outfield (as opposed to a large, deathly slow, billiard table of an outfield). The one day game in 2006, our win in 2011 (remember Pat Cummins?), now AB and Faff. If you can keep wickets in hand and the scoreboard ticking over you are always a chance to chase down a target.

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