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Tony Tea

For this series it is:

  • Australia: 45 for 2152
  • England: 60 for 1403

Mercy rule?


Fuck that. We haven't won the Mega-Ashes yet, anyway - I say bury them. The team owes it to themselves for the 7-0 Indian and English reverses earlier in the year.

Here's a question though: have we properly forgiven Good Mitch for Bad Mitch yet? And do we think Good Mitch is here to stay?

Tony Tea

Thommo is a legend for winning the 1974/75 Ashes. But Thommo also played in the 1975 Ashes, 1977 Ashes, 1979/80 Non-Ashes, 1982/83 Ashes (where he is more famous for his last wicket stand with AB) and the 1985 Ashes.

Win one Ashes and all the rest is mostly forgotten.


I would be happiest if they dropped all the aggro bullshit and just beat them with strong batting bowling and fielding skills. That would give their whinging media nothing to use as an excuse.


Good Mitch may already have disappeared. Didn't see much of him in Perth. We won an otherwise even contest in Perth because of the youngun's ton. There is every chance he will lose us the series against the Varks.


Also, I hate the word "reverse" when used to mean "loss".


gilysgone 'I would be happiest if they just beat them'

Tony Tea

Reverse is the reverse of positive outcome.


I guess it depends on your definition of Good Mitch. If you mean scary ravenous beast that devours good batting line-ups on flat tracks, then no, we probably didn't see him in Perth. If you mean a guy bowling a line and length doing justice to a Test bowler that takes handy wickets, then we did. What we saw at the WACA was a far cry from Bad Mitch in anyone's language.


Spot on, Carrot. From what I saw (which wasn't a great deal), he was a million miles away from Bad Mitch. Considering he must have been a bit knackered from all the carry on and very fast bowling in earlier matches, he held it together admirably.

Ball to whack Broad on the foot was just about the ball of the series.

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