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Of course I'm right. It doesn't take much predictive ability to foresee that Poms are going to whinge.

Hangover Black

You missed Brett Lee sconning Alex Tudor at the WACA. Not that he made a habit of being a nasty bowler, but his early years in the team were occasionally venomous.

Tony Tea

That's a one-off. I more meant series or Tests.

Tony Tea

Speaking of Lee. It's funny how Australia used him as a threat, when he did his best work when he learned to reverse. I guess Lee had a specific role among McGrath, Gillespie and Warne, but if he had been better used from, say, 2000 to 2006, he would have/ could have been a revered fast bowler rather than a bit of a chump.


Waugh ruined Lee. He wanted his own Patrick Patterson to scare batsmen with. They both averaged 30 though.

If you read contemporary accounts of Bodyline - and you should, they are much more informative - the English, unsighted, view was this was payback for Gregory and McDonald in the early 20s, and that the Australians were complaining about losing. The Australian (when not whining) view - eventually adopted in England, rightly I think - was that leg theory made for a bad spectacle because there was no real way to score off it.

The intimidatory bowling clause is unnecessary nonsense and it is good it is rarely invoked. You only have to go back to Lee's barrage at the Oval 2005 to see short bowling post-bodyline is high-risk, high reward with the fielding limitations behind square. Even with the expanded boundaries, trying it in Adelaide would be a disaster waiting to happen.

Hangover Black

For a fair amount of that period he wasn't even in the team, with Kaspa being preferred as the third quick.

I know what you mean, but chump is harsh for someone with 300 wickets.

Gillespie and Lee seriously tainted by 2005 Ashes.

Tony Tea

Not chump, "bit of a chump". Lee could obviously bowl, but he was prone to dross, lack of penetration and he never demonstrated he was a thinking bowler.


Thankfully our media is onside at the moment - imagine what Spanky would have made of events...

food terroirist

I find the reactions so hypocritical. For over 10 years now, pundits, media & ex-cricketers have been lamenting how it's a batsman's game.

But the moment a fast bowler gets a bit of an advantage from the pitches & throws down the short stuff, everyone is crying like little girls?!?

Michael Bevan's test career: he had a great debut series in Pakistan facing up to Akram & Waqar, but his (in)ability to play the short ball & the perception that he was 'scared' seemed to be the main reason he was dropped.

Waqar - the first time he rocked up to Australia, I pissed my pants just watching him bowl on tv. This was a new type of scary, low balls directed at the toes.
His bowling in the '90 series against NZ was AMAZING*** but tainted.

He never seemed to have a full series in Australia at 100% pace, just moments. The first half of his career was brilliant, batsmen didnt seem to have a clue how to deal with him, and you could sense their fear. His last 6 years was still good statistically, but no five wicket hauls against the top tier test teams.

***massive amount of ball tampering in that Pak v NZ series, even the kiwis resorted to it (bottle cap, Chris Pringle). I love this quote
"Pringle, it is fair now. Both teams are cheating."


... Lee never demonstrated he was a thinking bowler
This is my issue with Binga. Brilliant when he got it right, good career stats but could have achieved much much more.

Shoaib Akhtar is the same, if only he didn't have the herpes or been on the 'roids... who knows what he would have achieved :p He has bowled a handful of awesomely hostile spells.


Not everyone is crying. From what I heard, most commentators from either side loved what Johnson was doing as a spectacle for the reason that it is quite rare now.

I read a blog - Indian writer - expressing plaintive yearning about never having had an Indian speedster who could do what Johnson did. Was rather sweet.


Personally I loved it - thought watching through my fingers. I loved it in the 80s, too. There's no sight better in cricket than a batsman on the hurry up.

Our problem is whenever we come across a quick bowler we ruin him. Finn had the potential to be a proper pace bowler but we messed with his action and run up and now he's all over the shop.

Tony Tea

Dan, but he was coached to "put it in good areas." How could anything go wrong? He "ticked all the boxes."


So right Tony. It happens time and again, too.
Watch them turn Tymal Mills into Eddie Hemmings.

Tony Tea

Tymal Mills? Wasn't he hung for sedition in the 14th century?


I think that's just a racial stereotype, Tony.

He's basically a throwback to the 80s, when we scoured the streets of Brixton looking for lads with time on their hands (which, to be fair, was most of them) on the basis that all black guys bowl quick. (I remember playing a game myself against Leicester Caribbeans where, much to our surprise, and relief, they all bowled spin or very medium pace. I think even they were a bit ashamed.)

Hence, Flash Cowans, Syd Lawrence, Malcolm Devon, Chris Lewis etc. Some of them actually were quick, but not all that accurate, and certainly not mean enough, rare games against the Yarpies apart.

Mills is lively, though.

Tony Tea

Ugly Aussies, blah, blah...


Well, Tom Heenan of Monash University is a pinhead. He lectures in sport and Australian studies and he doesn't know how bodyline worked? 1) no protective gear, 2) stack the legside, 3) bowl into the body. You could argue that we might have done a bit of 3, but not the first two. And as I've said in an earlier thread, any idiot could see that it was on for all money with EVERYONE, not just Clarke. What is it about Australian journalists that they have to cry "foul" whenever we win?

Spoke to my mother on the phone last night, who lives in NZ. Apparently the Kiwi press, never short of having a go at Australia when they can, have put the Clarke incident together with Trott going home, and implied that we're such a bunch of arseholes that we harried Trott into a breakdown. Wild dogs, ugly Australians, the tour should be called off, no-one should ever play us again, etc, etc, etc.

I hope this sort of thing doesn't grow legs - I was never more pissed off at the Australian side when they turned into "nice guys" and lost the WACA Test following Monkeygate on the back of some ill-advised idea that they needed to win back the Australian public.


Carrot, no-one pays any attention to the NZ media, do they?


Well, I suppose not. I thought it was an interesting by-the-by, though.

Big Ramifications


Tony Tea, I have to ask, with your outstanding hit rate of funny punny thread titles, did BODYLIME or BODYLIMEY enter into your mix of possibilities?

Tony Tea

No, I ran smack bang into the obvious headline and stopped there.

Tony Tea

Tom Heenan, like the Kiwis, also implied the Aussies caused Trotty's malady. He didn't come right out and say it, of course, he just insinuated it:

Boys will be boys and, if Warne and Clarke are to be believed, a few onfield insults never hurt anyone. They're all part of the game. Perhaps Jonathan Trott may have another take on this.

Tom is a co-opinionist at Back Page Lead where I also writes some stuff. I don't want to go too hard at him - naturally, as I am a solid citizen and team player - but I have disagreed with pretty much every article he has written there.

Big Ramifications

Is that Rod Marsh hiding his face protecting the Cricket Australia brand?

// BTW, the bird in her Reg Grundies is Joanna Lumley

Tony Tea

That's Paul Sheahan, former headmaster of my school.

Big Ramifications

Crikey! That's Invers on the far left with the sh!t eating grin.

Big Ramifications



// hat tip to Russell Jackson at http://thewastedafternoons.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/a-visual-history-of-cricket-marketing.html


St Peter is protecting him now.

Professor Rosseforp

I'm assuming "one of the most stirring performances ever seen at the Gabba" refers to Mitchell Johnston's bowling rather than the whingeing of the England coaching squad representative.

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