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Time to exhume the SGW for correctly biased free coverage?

Cameron Peters

I am worried that we will have to access the radio coverage via the CA website. I listen from overseas and have found that the AFL website is often really slow. The coverage does not stream - especially big games and moments. On the other hand, I have never had a problem streaming from 3AW or SEN. Often, I'll be able to listen to the pre-game for 3AW then as soon as I switch over to listen to the actual game on the AFL site, no connection.

Let's hope that CA has a whopping big server, and have figured this all out.

In fact, I am worried that listeners from outside Australia will be blocked from even accessing the coverage.


That's a bit crap. Hope it works out. What will long car journeys be like without cricket on the ABC?

I stream the cricket from critctime.com - it's dodgy, but it works, most of the time. I'm going to have to steel myself not to watch too much of it this year, though. This time last year I tried to juggle staying up until 4 in the morning and doing loads of work, and got as sick as I think I can remember. I'm just as busy this year, too. A European winter without (much) cricket will be a long winter indeed.

food terroirist

so what are the radio options?

Test Match Sofa & BBC

If I use a VPN, any Australian or English sources for a stream?

What about video? Besides streaming, is anyone offering video? I know Cric Aus have their package, but anything without Ch9 comm team?

Im overseas for the next 3 weeks, would love a decent quality video stream to watch on the iPad or laptop. This sucks. I want to watch Mitch spray it all over the Gabba!!!


Ugh, same problem here Carrot, got slightly crazed and ill from trying to stay up to watch the cricket last time. I'm going to TRY and limit myself but I guess I'll fall into the 'just watch the first hour' routine again.

Tony Tea

I am vaguely not looking forward to the Ashes, since I assume it will be more of the same.

Tony Tea

And yes, I am aware that in the past I have mentioned that cricket is more interesting than it has been. But you can get too much of a good thing.

Big Ramifications

Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks. The most rigged decision in the history of sport. The fix was in.

Tony Tea

Was it streamed on the Cricket Australia website?

Big Ramifications

Nah, but I was r00ting a bird and streaming the hidden camera footage to all me mates on Skype.

Big Ramifications

One has to laugh, doesn't one?

// end thread hijack


BBC five live radio say they are broadcasting the first test.
You should be able to get the stream anywhere using hola unblocker as an addin to your browser. Chrome and Firefox seem to work ok with hola.
Also had success with tunein radio app on phone and on PC.
Might be worth trying those if you are not in the Uk.

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